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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grand Canyon

Wow, what a sight. We finally arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon late in the afternoon. The views are breathtaking. We stopped at several of the observation areas to get pictures. Of course, in Tim-fashion, Ben got a too-close look of the canyon. At one of the observation areas, the walkway and the canyon were separated by large stones instead of a fence or metal rail. Tim and Ben got ahead of me and Jackie while I took some pictures. When I finally caught up with Tim, he had Ben with him beyond the large bricks of which there are warning signs along the trail to stay within the boundaries on the trail. My heart stopped again for a moment and I calmly (I think) and slowly told Tim to hand Ben to me. I really would like to see my boy grow up. Why do my boys (Tim included) like danger? Do they not realize that they are exacerbating to my neurotic tendencies? So, I got Ben and and with Jackie, we walked a little further down the trail where they were content to jump from one large rock to the next one. On the other side of the trail. Ben, however, spotted his dad again at one point and started running full speed toward him. All I could see at that moment was my baby boy running over the edge and hurtling down the cliff. I ran and caught Ben and my camera, which was around my neck, swung wildly and then it hit Ben in the head. Ugghhh! But after a short protest, Ben was fine. Tim, on the other hand, was still causing my heart to tremble after seeing his perch from where he was observing the canyon. All I could think about at that moment was widowhood. But I'm happy to announce that Tim did make back up alive and well. Whew! Why do these boys do this stuff to me?After we left the canyon, we drove back to Flagstaff where we reserved a room for the night. The kids held up well during the drive all day and I hope they will do the same tomorrow when we head out closer to home. Did I already say that I want this vacation to last forever?

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