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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ben's Progress

During this last week since Ben's evaluation with the Developmental Pediatrician, Ben has shown a good deal of progress with his speech. He has been starting to voice more consonants when isolated. But he is still missing a lot of his consonants in actual words. His words still tend to be vocalic.
On Monday, I took the kids to a babysitter so I could attend to an appointment. When I picked up the kids, the babysitter told me that Ben was saying duck during the game "duck, duck, goose". Of course, he omitted the final consonant but I was very pleased to hear that Ben was using this word again after not being able to solicit that word for the past couple of weeks. Ben has also been watching our lips even more and trying to imitate the movements. He is still using more sign than words but we are seeing progress on the verbal front. Ben has known quite a number of signs for some time and this past week he has picked up some more and is starting to more consistently use the existing ones.
Tim came home from out of town this past Monday and during that evening, he spent time tossing the frisbee for Dugan, our dog. Tim was able to witness Ben saying Dugan's name. It comes out as "doo" but we knew he meant Dugan due to the context of the situation.
Ben is able to pronounce "momma" for me and "dada" for Tim. We have yet to get him to pronounce Jackie's name. Even when we use another nickname, Ben is still unable to refer to his sister verbally. Instead, he either points toward her or he will go up to Jackie and tap her. Earlier this evening, Jackie and I were playing a game with Ben to try to solicit more sounds. Again, if a sound was too hard for him to form, he would just sign it or point to the object or person. When we asked him to say "mimi" (grandma's name), he immediately put his hand up to his ear and signed phone. We got a kick out of that. Ben is so smart. Even though he rarely sees his grandparents and his current age doesn't really know them (or so, I though), he affiliated his mimi with being on the phone.
Speaking of phones, I think Ben is a genius at electronics. He never ceases to amaze me with how he seems to know how to operate phones, TVs, etc. I try to keep my cell phone out of Ben's reach but I sometimes forget about it. Ben knows he is not allowed to play with the cell phone and every-time I catch him with my phone, he immediately puts it down and tries to walk away quickly like he's innocent. Ben has figured out how to bring up the dial pad to try to dial a number. I know he doesn't know anybody's number but I'm pretty sure he has called several strangers. I know for a fact that he has called a couple of people who are in the phone book on my phone. So I will apologize in advance if you ever happen to be one of his victims. If you hear heavy breathing on the other line, rest assured that it isn't me; it's probably Ben. Ben also seems to know exactly which buttons turn on any TV. It doesn't matter if we're in a hotel or in somebody's house, or even a store, Ben just seems to know right off which buttons will turn the TV on and which ones control the volume. He blows me away. Ben is also good at problem solving and has been able to figure out problems for as long as I can remember, way before he was a year old.
I am encouraged at the progress that Ben has made just in this past week although he is still sounding hypernasal. That was a concern about that during last week's evaluation. I hope to see even more progress during this next week.

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