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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Ben Funny and Boys Are Gross

Ben never ceases to keep me humored.  Tonight as he was sitting on the potty, I went ahead and took his pants and shirt off so I could get him ready for bed.  Ben must have felt a little chilled because he gestured for a shirt.  So I showed him the ASL sign for shirt.  The way to sign "shirt" is to grab with the index finger and thumb the upper part of your shirt (I grabbed closer up toward the shoulder) and tug out a couple of times.  Easy enough, right?  Heheh, well, Ben was way off when he grabbed his left nipple and pulled out.  I couldn't help but laugh. Jackie noticed it, too, and she got a good laugh out of it. 
That reminds me of what Ben did to me last December when we were visiting family in Texas.  All 18 of us were sitting around waiting for our reserved area to be prepared.  Ben came over to me and wanted me to hold him so I obliged.  I happened to be standing in clear view of everyone around, and not just our party, when Ben decided to humor everyone by grabbing my breast and honking it a couple of times.  That was the first time Ben ever did that to me.  Embarrassed, I immediately looked up to see who noticed and of course, I see people about ready to roll on the floor in laughter.  Boys!
This next bit may be TMI but I am still learning just how gross toddler boys can be.  It seems that Ben has discovered additional anatomy of his... umm... male anatomy?  Well, while Ben sits on the potty, he has been squeezing open this particular part of his male anatomy and it skeeves me out.  Of course, I try to get him to stop.  With Ben's imagination and his love of sticking things inside of things, I just hope he doesn't try to stick something in this particular anatomical structure anytime soon.  Imagine explaining that in the emergency room.  

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