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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bathroom Issues?

Okay, so yesterday, Jackie happened to be using the bathroom when I went in there to put towels away. I noticed that she was holding her nose and I asked her what the problem was. Jackie apparently has a problem with her own smells while using the potty. I just shrugged and walked out. I should say that at least she doesn't make me run for the hills like another unnamed person in this household.
This afternoon, Jackie came up to me and said that she needs to go potty. Gee, kid, you're 5 1/2 years old, don't tell me that you need to go potty. Just go! Well, it seems that Jackie was worried about the dead fly in the toilet. The dead fly that I killed earlier and just threw into the toilet. The dead fly that I did not flush down the toilet, yet, because it was just a dead fly and I didn't want to waste a flush of water on the stupid, dead fly.
I have weird kids. Or maybe I'm the weird one.

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