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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes! I Made It To Three

That's right, folks. I made to 3 miles today. I decided this afternoon to try out the downtown Belleville YMCA. I have never been to that one. I mostly go to the O'Fallon Y with the occasional visit to the East Belleville facility. The downtown facility is okay. The track, though, is long and narrow with just 2 lanes instead of the 3 lanes that O'Fallon has. Fourteen and three quarter laps equal a mile. My goal was to run 2 miles just as I did last yesterday. But, since I was feeling okay and not out of breath, I decided to go a little further. I just decided to see if I could go another 5 laps which would equal about a third of a mile. I finished that and decided to see if I could go yet another 5 laps. I was starting to feel some fatigue but figured since I was so close to that last 1/3, to go for it and I did it. It felt so good to have accomplished that. I never even thought I would ever run a mile. I don't particularly enjoy running although I did alot of it during my youth and a little bit of running in my late 20s. Maybe, just maybe, I can do that 5k in San Diego. Now, I may be slow but right now, I am trying to build up my endurance. Then later, I will work on my speed. I am doing so much better with my breathing and pacing.
After I accomplished that, I got the kids from the play center. Jackie decided that she wanted pizza for dinner. Fine with me as it meant that I didn't have to cook. So, I picked up a cheap Little Caesar's pizza. I called McAlister's to place an order for something healthier for me. I should have known from the beginning that it was a mistake after being transferred to the carry-out order cashier during which nobody answered for at least 5 minutes. So, I hung up and called back and tried again. But all was well at the end, the very end. I was given about 10 minutes for my order to be ready and I figured by the time I got there and got the kids out of the car, the 10 minutes will have passed. So, I enter McAlister's with my kids and head to the carry-out counter. I waited for a good while for somebody to finally help me. That employee, who seemed to be a little unhappy, asked for my name and she immediately found my order. She brought it over, placed it on the counter, and proceeded to turn around and do something else. When she came back by the counter, I told her that I needed to pay and she rudely said that she needed to get somebody else to do it. Okay. So, I waited, and waited, and my kids were starting to jump off of the bench and run down the hall where the bathrooms are. Ben, especially, was trying to climb on everything like a monkey. This is one of the main reasons that I do not often attempt to go in public places with Ben. Then Jackie said she had to go to the bathroom and bad. So, I watched her as she went in the bathroom and came back out all the while still waiting for somebody to come and take my payment. Finally, after at least 15 minutes of waiting just to pay, I was trying to decide whether to take my order and leave, get in the really long line in the regular line, or just grab the kids and just leave orderless. I decided on the latter. I just have too much of a conscience to just take something without paying but gee, where was the service?! I was not happy at all.
I got the kids in the car and in just a couple of minutes, we got home where I proceeded to feed the kids their pizza. While I was doing that, my cell phone rang. I recognized the number from McAlister's so I picked it up and the person on the other end asked for me. It was the manager, Todd, and he immediately apologized profusely for what happened. Apparently, by the time Todd realized what happened, I had just left. I explained to him what happened and how long I waited after being greeted by a rude employee. He asked me who it was and when I told Todd that I didn't know the employee's name, Todd asked if she was chunky and wearing a pony-tail. Well, I didn't take notice of the girl's build but I did remember the pony tail and I told Todd so. I got the impression that he thought I was offended that I described the girl as chunky because he apologized again for that. Whatever. I explained her attitude and the wait and that I could not wait any longer because of my children and that I had somewhere to be within another hour. Apparently, there have been problems with this employee from the comment Todd made. So, Todd then asked if I had time to come back by and order something but I just didn't have the time and my kids were already sitting to eat. Todd then extended an offer for me and the kids to come back anytime for all of us to order whatever we wanted at no charge. Wow, he is really worried about losing my business, which actually was a very strong possibility. So, I guess the kids and I will be eating a free meal tomorrow evening. Woohoo. Todd has won back my business.
After that ordeal, the kids finished eating and we took off for the Y where I went to Zumba. I LOVE Zumba. And tonight was no exception. Tonight's instructor, Kim, was really on fire tonight with an awesome workout. It was a great work-out until the last quarter of the class when the temperature and humidity in the room changed. It started out nice and cool but about halfway through the class, it started to feel a little warm but not too bad. Then about 10-15 minutes after that, I was noticing the mirror start to fog up and then several people were starting to slip. Then, I slipped a little during one of the steps. Then I noticed the mirror was really fogged up by now where you couldn't see anything clearly at all. The humidity really affects the floor and makes it more slippery. It was a good thing that I had to leave a little early to get the kids out of the playcenter. (I usually don't bring them at night but Tim is out of town). The heat was starting to become a little unbearable by that time. That's okay, I just missed out on the last number and the cool-down. Tomorrow night is Aqua-Zumba. Unless I can get to a YMCA in San Diego, this will be my last class for 2 weeks. I will really miss Zumba and the instructors during the next 2 weeks.

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