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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Your Sexual IQ?

Caught your attention, huh? Well, maybe somebody can learn a lesson from this story. Hopefully, someone(he shall remain unnamed) in this household has learned a lesson. This evening, a certain somebody wanted to download music to his mp3 player. I sent him a link to a website that explains how to load music from a CD. Okay, simple, right? Well, apparently not to some. My first clue should have been when this person asked if he has texting on his phone. What? Texting? What would he need that for? He rarely carries the dang phone with him as it is. I have texting on my phone and my phone only. So, I told this person that if he needed anything texted to him, then have it texted to my phone. Simple, right? Again, not so simple to some. Next thing I know, this person is sitting at his computer typing something when I hear the familiar jimgle signaling a text but it was not coming from my phone. What the heck?! Then another text immediately followed. I asked this person about it and he said something about having to provide his cell phone number so some kind of directions can be texted to him. Now that was a huge red flag. I then told him what I had just told him before about no texting on his phone and to have any texts sent to mine. So, now we will be paying an outrageous fee for these text messages received on his phone. His phone that does not have a text plan.
Okay. So this person reads his text message and it reads "What's your sexual IQ?" This person then explains how he had to download a program and that it had asked for his cell number so he could receive a text. What program? Windows media.
Okay, now some thoughts. First, Windows media is already downloaded on his computer. Two, never, ever provide your phone number to an unfamiliar website in order to receive a text. Three, listen to your partner when she explains that you have no texting plan on your phone. Last and most important (and contrary to what I mentioned above), I am SOOO thankful that this person ignored my original instructions and did NOT provide my phone number in order to receive such a text message. Ha!

So, what is YOUR sexual IQ? Mwahahahahaha!

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