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Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Mile Club

That's right. I am now in the 2-mile club. Actually, I ran just over 2 miles. I may be ready for the 5k in San Diego on July 4th after all. I can at least try. I really impressed myself, especially since I did not work out at all yesterday and I ran just under 1 1/2 mile on Saturday. It was a great stress reliever today after being a single parent since Saturday. And the latest saga with Tim's travel experience left me more stressed before I left for the Y.
Tim called this morning to let me know that he arrived in Los Angeles and was waiting for the train to leave for San Diego. He seemed to be in a good mood although he sounded tired. I told him to call me to let me know when he arrived in San Diego. He finally called me around 2:30 this afternoon to let me know that he arrived there but that his luggage was missing. Oh, gee, here we go again. This train experience was not a good one for him. I had a feeling that he should have gone ahead and taken the plane today instead of taking the train. But he wanted the adventure of riding the train without having to deal with the kids. It's been his dream for years to take a cross-country train ride. So, now Tim has no luggage and Amtrak can't tell him what happened with it. They said they will call him when they find it. As of 9:00 pm (CST), there was no word of it. Tim has to report to his training class tomorrow so he had no choice but to go to the BX to purchase a couple of outfits, socks, and a pair of shoes. Tim did have a carry-on with him in which he had a couple of tops and underwears, and the valuables. I certainly hope that his luggage is found soon so we won't have to spend several hundred dollars on new clothes and his hair clippers for the next 2 1/2 weeks.

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