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Friday, June 4, 2010

Session 4 Canceled Today

Personal training session 4 was canceled today. Misti is probably overwhelmed with vacation plans. So now I will be on my own for 2 weeks until she gets back from vacation. But, she is emailing me with a list of the exercises I should work on. I was fine with her canceling on me because I was still feeling a little bit of a sinus headache. However, I did go to Zumba class later in the day. Susan was the instructor today. I really like the variety of the different instructors as it keeps the routines from becoming boring. As much as I enjoy Zumba, I was having a difficult time keeping up today. Unfortunately, I think it's because I feel like a UTI is starting. I hope I'm wrong about that.
Tomorrow, I am taking the day off from any exercise. Jackie has a birthday party to attend at an ice skating rink. She is so excited about it and I'm excited to see Jackie try ice-skating.

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