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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Senseless Crime

I just learned of the tragic murders of two police officers from back home in Tampa. The officers didn't even have a chance to react. It all started because the suspects' car tag was not visible and when Officer stopped the car and asked for back-up because the passenger was wanted for a worthless check charge. A WORTHLESS CHECK charge! Why murder for that?! I just don't get it. Instead of facing probation or worse, a few days in jail for the worthless check, now the killer is facing death. I just don't get it.
Now two families have lost their husbands, brothers, sons, fathers. A community has lost a protector, a hero. All because somebody did not want to pay the consequence for a worthless check.
Officer Kocab and his wife were expecting their first child at any moment and word is that moment could be today as Officer Kocab's wife is now in labor. This really grieves me that Officer Kocab never got the chance to meet his new baby and now the baby is left fatherless and will only have the memories that his family will share one day. And Officer Curtis' 4 very young children will grow up with only the memories of their father. I find it unfortunately ironic that a new life will possibly be born on the very day that his father was taken away. No child should have to share a birthday with the anniversary of a parent's tragic death. That just seems so cruel.
RIP Officer Jeffrey Kocab and Officer David Curtis.
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