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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Running Update

Monday night after going to Zumba then coming home and tending to the kids and putting them in bed, I went for another run around the neighborhood. I was going to try to increase my distance. It was humid but not too unbearable. But, my shoes, which I have had for nearly 3 weeks, were hurting my feet. I had noticed that the tips of my toes felt like they were going numb and on Monday night, the sole of my right foot was bothering me. So, I ended up just doing the 1.2 mile.
Tuesday morning, I woke up to a very sore right knee. It really hurt. I was hoping that moving around would make it feel better but it continued to hurt throughout the day if I moved it in certain positions. I decided to break from running on that day because I was thinking that the new shoes were the culprit. Instead, I went to the YMCA about a half hour before Zumba started and I walked around the track until close to time for Zumba. I did okay in Zumba but I had to modify some of the moves. I could really feel the pain anytime I had to bend that knee or stand independently on it. But I got through the class.
Yesterday morning (Wednesday), I decided to go try on some other running shoes. But first, I went into this store called "Good Feet" to get some information about what to look for and what to avoid. This is a store that actually fits people for orthotics and provides information/education about proper footwear. One of the brands of running shoes the salesman recommended is the Brooks brand which are apparently difficult to find. Well, a neighboring store did carry that brand but they are VERY expensive. I then headed over to another shoe store where I tried on several different pairs. I found a pair that seems to fit better than my other new pair. I decided to try them out on the indoor track at the Y before the Aqua-Zumba class. They were comfortable but they felt somewhat different than the other pair around my ankles. And I was feeling even more tightness in my calves. But I was able to do just a bit over a mile and I didn't notice much pain in my knee. I then went downstairs to change my clothes for Aqua-Zumba. That felt really good for my knee. Oh and the best part? My best friend, Lisa, finally joined me at the class and she seemed to enjoy it. I think she's hooked.
After Aqua-Zumba, Lisa and I went walking for 2-3 miles and my knee had very little pain.
So, I shall see how my knee is feeling in the morning when I wake up. Hopefully, the problem lies with the other shoes and the pain will be resolved quickly. Time will tell.

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