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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Running, oh how I hate thee

Okay, it's no secret that I hate running. But since I began a workout program, starting with Zumba, I am determined to get into good physical shape. I started out by doing the basic treadmill and a Zumba class at the YMCA. After a couple of weeks, I added a couple more Zumba classes to my routine, then a few weeks later, I added some weight machines. And I made more changes to my food shopping routine. My poor kids probably really feel deprived now.
I was happy with the routine I had developed until I talked to one of the Zumba instructors who is also a personal training. We had recently received our tax refund and with a small portion from that check, I signed up with this instructor for 12 sessions of personal training. I never expected that running would be part of my personal training with Misti. I hate running, it's hard on my knees, and I just did not feel like I was in good enough shape to run. So, she had me start of doing 2 laps around the track after each cycle of exercises. The next session, Misti bumped the running up to 3 laps and by the third session, she had me run 4 laps after each cycle of exercises. Misti left for vacation this week for a couple of weeks and since she canceled our last session and neglected to leave me with a list of exercises that she wanted me to work on, I decided to just go ahead and work on some of the exercises on my own in addition to building up my endurance to run longer. I've been going to the Y early before Zumba classes to walk and run on the track. Last weekend, before Misti left for vacation, I was barely able to do 4 laps without having to catch my breath. But I had also been a little under the weather with rhinitis and sinus headache. But I didn't let that stop me from working out, albeit a modified routine. By Tuesday, my energy level was back up and I was able to run 6 laps before resorting to walking. I felt proud that I was able to do nearly a 1/2 mile. For you runners, I know that's a piece of cake but remember, I. hate. running. But as stated before, I am determined to build up my strength and endurance. Tonight I went back to the Y to walk/run the track before I went to aqua-zumba. I walked around the track twice before I transitioned into running. I expected to just run 6 laps, maybe 7, before I resorted to walking again, but... are you ready for this... I ran 11 laps, that's right, 11 laps before I went back to walking. That is nearly a mile! I was so proud of myself. I probably could have continued to run a little more but I didn't want to overdo it.
I am starting to get the hang of breathing and the right speed for me. I tend to be a mouth breather and coordinating the inhaling and exhaling properly is a struggle. I also realized that the reason I lost my breath so quickly previously was because I started out running too fast. So, I have been learning how to pace myself while also learning how to breathe correctly. As they say, practice makes perfect. It applies to running, too. Who knows, Tim might just get his wish and I just may join him in the marathon in San Diego in early July. But I can't promise that I'll run the entire thing.

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