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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rant Post as promised

Okay, now for the rant. I work hard. So does Tim. I appreciate that Tim works hard and that he's finishing his MBA on top of that. Last week Tim started to stain and seal the back deck. I had planned to help him but other things kept coming up. Now, I'm not afraid to do hard work, in fact, I even mow, trim, and edge the lawn. I do as much as I can to help Tim with other chores in addition to taking care of everything else. Unfortunately, I never got around to helping Tim with the deck because I was busy with other household stuff and working out/training in between.
After spending the entire day painting Jackie's room yesterday while Tim worked on the deck, I finished putting Jackie's room back together this morning. I also did a lot of other household work, including laundry. In addition to all of this, I am tending to Ben, my very active little boy. It did help that I didn't have to tend to Jackie until nearly 1:00. After she came home, we had to go to the store to pick up a few items for recipe for tonight's dinner. Unfortunately, Walmart did not have fresh green beans so we had to go to yet another store to get those. Ben was being a fusspot during both store visits. After arriving back home, I had to take care of a couple of phone calls before I started to prepare dinner. I tended to the kids while preparing dinner because Daddy was relaxing after being at work all day. I got dinner done, everybody fed, loaded dirty dishes into the dishwasher, washed items that don't go into dishwasher, and then cleaned the kitchen. After Tim finished eating, he went outside to finish up sealing the deck. While he finished that up, I got ready to go walk/run before I went to Zumba.
Again, I realize staining and sealing the deck is hard and messy work. But should that negate the idea that he should make sure the kids get their toys picked up and put away, get ready for bed, and brush their teeth? Before I get home around 9:00 pm? How difficult is that? The Zumba class on Tuesdays and Thursdays do not finish until 8:30. I have yet to come home to kids who are ready for bed and toys picked up/put away on my Zumba nights. Tonight, I went to the Y early so that I could walk/run the track before Zumba. I came home, at 9:00, to the kids glued to the TV, toys strewn around the family room, the kids still in their play clothes. Daddy was sitting on the bed playing on his laptop. At 9:00 pm with kids who are nowhere near ready for bed. Grrrr. I must have said something because Tim gave an excuse that staining and sealing the deck was hard work. Well, so is taking care of kids and a house 24/7. I work hard. I also contribute to the hard work outside when I am able to. And I appreciate that Tim works hard. But gee, could he not take 15 minutes to get the kids to pick up/put away toys, get dressed for bed, and get their teeth brushed? I guess I'll just have to make sure it's all done before I go to Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Then all Daddy will have to do is make sure that the kids are safe.
I am mean, Tim will even tell you. Well, I have to be mean to make sure that my house is not completely destroyed. These kids will wreak havoc without me around as evidenced by this evening. Lately what works when the kids won't pick up their toys is the thread of vacuuming them up. But tonight, I just did not feel like playing that game and after turning off the TV and telling the kids twice to pick up their toys, with Ben just looking at me and smiling and Jackie giving the excuse that she was too tired, well I just had it and picked everything up, put it in a bag, and threw them out onto the front porch with the promise that the toys will never be seen again because I was either going to throw them away or give them away. Ben was very upset and started sobbing hard but if I give in to him, how else is he going to learn that when I say first time obedience, I mean just that. Too tired Jackie moved into action very quickly when she saw me throwing toys into a bag. Apparently, Ben didn't get the memo until it was too late. I love my kids but I am not about to let my children turn my house into a pigsty.
You know, I finally feel motivated and am determined to get back into good physical shape. I really let myself go in this last year and I have never felt good about myself. Now that I have been enjoying Zumba for the past few months and then recently started physical training, I am feeling much better physically and mentally and I am feeling more confident. This has been my outlet, as much as it is hard work. Tim works hard and is studying for his MBA. He also has an outlet, actually more than one. He mostly does his dirt bike thing but he also enjoys fishing and going to some of the shows around here. He knows what he enjoys and he pursues it and I don't stop him. I, on the other hand, have not had a hobby or outlet for several years since we've had our kids. I am primarily a stay-at-home mother, taking care of the kids 24/7, taking care of the household matters, taking the kids (especially Jackie) to their various appointments. I am a busy person but during my down time, I had no particular outlet. So now that I am in a fitness routine, the least I expect is that Tim would take 15-20 minutes to just get the kids ready for bed and get them to pick up after themselves. That's all I ask. Is it really too much? Do I expect too much? There is no way I am going to quit my goal of getting into and staying in good shape on account of that.
Okay, rant over. Now if only Tim would get the memo that getting the kids all riled up while I'm getting the kids ready for bed (on my nights of no Zumba), then maybe, just maybe I won't be so mean in the future. Yes, he will occasionally decide that it's time to play just as I'm getting the kids into bed.

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