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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Personal Training Session 3

I made it through another session yesterday afternoon. Misty had me do a mixture of exercises. The most brutal one was the burpee. If you don't know what that is, google it. It was torture. But I'm not giving up. The exercises from yesterday's session included the burpees, push-ups, continuous squats for a whole minute, lunges with a weighted ball, squats with hand weights, backward pushups, weights, and I'm not sure what the next one is called but I like it because it feels good on my back. It involves getting on this machine so that your legs are held secure and then you fold the upper body downward. I did those with my first session but this time, Misty added hand weights. It wasn't too bad. Then at the end of each cycle, I had to run 4 laps around the track. Other than the burpees, I was pleased with how well I did. I expected to be very sore again this morning but surprisingly, I was just a little sore. However, I did wake up with a sinus headache. It was so difficult to get out of bed because I just did not feel well. But I had to get up because Ben had an occupational therapy appointment at 8:30. Thankfully, the OT comes to the house so I didn't have to scramble to get everyone ready to go out the door. Ben was also difficult to wake this morning and he is usually an early riser. Finally, Ben sauntered out of his room around 8:15 and by the time the OT arrived, I was still getting Ben dressed for the day.
After Ben's OT, we headed to St. Louis Children's for Jackie's OT appointment. The neighbor's 12-year old daughter tagged along with which was very nice because it gave me a chance to participate in Jackie's OT for a short time while Ally watched Ben in the waiting area.
After Jackie's appointment, we headed back to our side of the river for a play date with a friend's children, T & S. T is just 4 days older than Jackie and they play well together. When we arrived at McDonald's, it was very busy and LOUD! Jackie was immediately greeted by T & S and off they went to play in the play area. Their mom, B and I enjoyed a nice conversation while the kids played. Jackie was ecstatic to see her "boyfriend".
Tonight was Zumba class again with Misty. Before that though, I went to the Y to walk and run the track. I didn't do as well with the running as I did yesterday. And Zumba was no better. I was really feeling wiped during Zumba tonight. My energy level today was lower compared to yesterday possibly due to the sinus headache I've been experiencing all day. But I really need to stay in this routine. I'm a woman on a mission. Tomorrow is another training session before Misty goes on vacation for a couple of weeks. I really hope that I am feeling better by tomorrow and my energy returns.

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