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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Little Admirer

I should share an experience from this afternoon. Tim's annual company picnic was today. This morning, the employees were allowed to bring their kids to work for some breakfast and activities. Jackie was so excited. Then after she and Daddy came home to pick up chairs for the picnic, they headed to the park for the picnic. I met them there after Ben's occupational and speech therapy sessions were finished. We enjoyed lunch and a little later, Tim and I took the kids over to the play area. Tim and I enjoyed swinging on the lawn swing while the kids played on the playground equipment. Suddenly, I was handed a little flower (actually a weed) by a little boy. Cute. Tim and I resumed swinging. Five minutes later, this little boy handed me another "flower." I said "thank you" and he swung around and gestured his fingers, clicked his tongue, and winked. Whoa! I couldn't help but chuckle. Who is this little boy? What a ham. Then a few moments later, the little boy came back over with a couple of more "flowers" and made himself comfortable between me and Tim. Then he proceeded to put his hand on my thigh. Oh my! I was doing everything to stifle my laughter. I looked over at Tim and we just sort of raised our eyebrows at each other. Then Tim got up to go help Jackie on one of the climbers. The little boy seized upon the opportunity, with the additional room, to sort of snuggle next to me with his legs stretched out the opposite way. Oh my, where did he learn this stuff at? I just looked out at Tim and could not help but chuckle. Then the little boy put his hand back on my thigh and sat upright snuggling against me. By this time, I just could not contain my laughter and started looking around to see where the mother of this little boy could possibly be. He was quite the ladies' man. I finally started a conversation with him. His name was Nathan, he was 6 years old (for awhile now according to him), he went to kindergarten at the school across the street, he doesn't have brothers or sisters, and more. I pointed out my 2-year old boy, my 6-year old girl, and my big boy (Tim). When he found out that my big boy was older than me, his response "that's crazy." That whole episode was the highlight of my day. He was a very cute little guy and his daddy is obviously teaching him already to be a ladies' man. Finally, Nathan's mom realized what her son was up to and left her group of friends to make sure he wasn't causing trouble. Nathan is sure to be winner one day.

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