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Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Running

Last evening (Thursday), I went to the YMCA to run before Zumba class started. I just planned to try running up to 1 1/4 mile because my ankles were quite sore. I was not sure why they were sore. Was it from running in new shoes or from Aqua Zumba the night before. Or perhaps, it was residual pain from the Asics running shoes. At least my knee was not hurting much. So, I started out with this goal and toward the end, I figured why not go for another few laps. I ended up running nearly 1 2/3 mile.
Since there will be no Zumba class on Sunday afternoon and Tim will be gone to San Diego, I figured I better get a run in tonight (Friday). I ran 1.6 mile around my neighborhood. It was humid and a little warm and the occasional light breeze felt good. I think Tim is impressed that I've been keeping up on the running knowing my love, or lack thereof, for running.
Okay, now on to the kid front. I am in awe of Jackie's growing vocabulary. She is just growing up too quickly. Jackie is so excited for Kindergarten to start. I am going to bring some Early Elementary workbooks with us to San Diego next week to help keep her busy. Every day, Jackie asks what we're going to do that day. She always seems disappointed when I don't say anything about school. She begs to go to school. August can't come soon enough. Well, for her. As far as I'm concerned, it can take it's time only because that means that I'm getting older and I want time to slow down.

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