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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Loving Coronado

I was never sold on California until now. I am absolutely loving Coronado Island and San Diego. I have been to the west coast one other time. I don't remember being too impressed about Los Angeles but I do remember enjoying the drives through the hills. But Coronado Island? Wow, this is absolutely beautiful and I can totally understand why people flock here. Where we are currently staying at Aunt Glen's house, we are so close to so much. The Pacific beaches are a few blocks west of us with San Diego bay just a couple of blocks to the east. I can see myself living here for sure.Yesterday was a beautiful day and Tim drove us around San Diego. Then in the early evening, I walked with the kids to the local concert in the park where the kids played in the very nice play area.Today was another nice day although it was a bit overcast. We had a few sprinkles this morning but nothing more. I walked with the kids to the beach just a couple of blocks away where we ate lunch at Taco Bell. Then we walked around some of the shops before we stopped to play in the sand. Ben kept chasing after the pigeons. After playing for awhile, we walked over to Burger King for an Icee before heading back to the house.After Daddy arrived from his training class, we headed back to the beach where we caught the ferry to San Diego. We walked around the bay for awhile before stopping for dinner. Then we walked back to the ferry for the ride back to Aunt Glen's house. It was a very nice day for all of us and I hope it continues. Now I hope the sun comes out tomorrow.

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