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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jackie's New Room

Okay, so I finally painted Jackie's bedroom. Poor thing, she's been begging me to paint it pink for only the past 10 months. I just kept putting it off. It's not the actual painting that I don't like, it's the priming, the taping, preparing everything. So, after feeling guilty Sunday night because Ben got a new bedroom set, I woke up Monday morning determined to make it right by my daughter. I was sore as ever from the training session on Saturday but I had to make my daughter feel like she was special, too. As you might recall from the previous post, Jackie thought Ben's new room was so special.I gathered all the supplies and I set to work. Because I did not want to move everything out of the bedroom, I decided to do the painting in sections. After moving the dresser away from the wall, I got to work priming the first two of the four walls. The previous color was a dark olive green. Now that might sound not so pretty but it was actually a nice color. But Jackie wants a princess room. Because of the dark color already on the wall, it took 2 coats of primer and then 2 coats of paint to adequately cover up the dark paint. After finishing the first 2 walls, I enlisted Tim's help to help me move the bed over so that I could finish the 2 remaining walls.
Now one thing I highly discourage is having not only your own 2 kids but the neighbor kid over. I think it took me twice as long to finish painting Jackie's room because between all the bickering, catering to their needs, serving lunch, kicking them out of the room while I painted, I'm amazed that I even got anything done. Plus, I was still quite sore from my tortuous training session on Saturday. In the middle of all of the kid stuff, the neighbor girl, T, recognized Jackie's shorts as a pair that her mom had given Jackie because T grew out of them. T then somehow managed to wrangle the shorts from Jackie plus the shirt that Jackie was wearing and before I realized what had happened, T was running around in the backyard with Ben in these too small clothes that Jackie had been wearing and Jackie was inside crying and near naked because T took her clothes. I can laugh about it now but at the time, I was getting a bit irritated because this was just another setback to delay completing Jackie's room. Later on, the kids settled on the couch to watch some kid TV and Ben settled into T's lap. Suddenly I heard Ben squeal, much like he does when he's mad or irritated. As I came out of Jackie's room, I saw Ben stomp to his room whining and I watched as he walked to the edge of his bed and laid his head down on the bed. At first, I thought he was just having one of his little tantrums and that he would soon join Jackie and T again. But when I looked in on him a few minutes later, Ben was still in the same position and upon closer inspection, I discovered that he had fallen asleep. Ben put himself down for a nap, albeit half-standing.Later in the afternoon, Jackie was invited to spend the night with T which I thought was a great idea because then I could finally get everything done. It was glorious. But Jackie was so excited about her new room and kept telling T's mom, Cindy, how much she missed me. After I finished painting and I let the paint dry, I moved the furniture back in place. I moved the large armoire that had been in Ben's room (see previous post) into Jackie's room. It fit perfectly. I then worked a little on organizing keeper items and throwing away the junk. As soon as I woke up this morning, I got to work setting up the bookshelf again and putting the books back on it. I also reorganized the closet a bit. I do need to finish painting the closet trim and inside the closet but I'll get that done another time. I organized Jackie's games and puzzles inside the armoire. Just as with Ben's room, I am amazed at how well I was able to get everything to fit nicely in Jackie's room and the furniture is much larger than Ben's furniture. I still need to hang a couple of small white shelves on the walls. I also need to enlist Jackie's help in picking out a girly bedding set. The room is going to look really cute once I'm done with everything. Now on to my rant post next.

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