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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ben's New Bedroom Set

Ben got a new bedroom set. Actually, it's a gently used set that I bought from a neighbor who was moving to a new house. The neighbor delivered it on Sunday evening and I immediately got to work setting it up. It's really cute and includes the bed, armoire, dresser, nightstand, bedding set, lamp, and all the decor. The theme is transportation which, as it turns out, was already the going theme in Ben's room. I got everything set up by myself. Are you proud? Thank goodness for those foam moving things that make it easier to move furniture. I even moved all the "old" furniture out by myself. I moved the smaller dresser into my bedroom and the large armoire into the foyer temporarily with plans to move it into Jackie's bedroom. Since I'm not quite ready to put Ben into a regular bed, my original plan was to store the new twin bed in the basement. But then I thought it would be nice to have the bed set up. That way, in case of company, Jackie can sleep on Ben's twin bed and then her bed can be used by guests since it is a queen size. I was very surprised at how well everything fit nicely in Ben's room. I put the nightstand in Ben's closet for now and I placed his toddler bed right next to the twin bed. The drawback to that is that Ben is using the twin bed to jump down onto his toddler bed. He loves to jump. And climb. I might be ready to move Ben out of the toddler bed by the end of summer.
Ben was so excited about all the new stuff but I think Jackie was even more excited. Jackie kept exclaiming, "I really like this room, it's so special." I quickly realized that Jackie must have been feeling somewhat left out. After all, I've been promising to paint her room pink for the past 10 months. I was feeling quite guilty. That's a story for the next post.

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