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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Around Coronado

Last evening, Tim offered to leave the rental car for me to be able to take the kids somewhere outside of Coronado. Tim planned to take the ferry from the island over to San Diego for his class. Awesome, I thought. I immediately thought of some things that I could do with the kids. Well, as luck would usually have it, Tim's plans were an epic fail. Again. He went over to the ferry, waited a few minutes, then walked back to Aunt Glen's house and woke me (too freakin' early) to let me know that he would have to take the car because apparently he went to the wrong place to catch the ferry. Oh, well, I figured I would just take the kids for another walk around the island. I really didn't mind except that I wanted to go to the commissary at North Island to get stuff to grill tonight. So off Tim went with the car. Later Tim called me to tell me that he indeed did go to the right place for the ferry but that the arrival time for the ferry was 15 minutes later than he thought. He planned to come back here at lunch time and that he would just take the ferry back to San Diego before his lunch time was over. That ended up not working out, either.
Upon waking up for good this morning, I was disappointed to look outside and see that it was more overcast than it was yesterday. Since I didn't have the car, I figured we would be stuck inside all day. With a little boy who is determined to destroy my sanity, I knew we were in for trouble. But, thankfully, the sun started to peek out a little bit and I decided it would be nice to take the kids to a McDonald's then back to the little beach on the bay. I looked up the closest McDonald's and was happy to see that it was just a half mile away. Good. So, I get Ben in the stroller and grab Jackie's hand and head toward the address as shown by mapquest. Mapquest lied and come to find out, there was no McDonald's on the island except on the base at North Island. Since North Island is a straight shot just a mile and half up the road, I decide that we're going there and then we would make a stop for a couple of things at the commissary and then at the BX to find Jackie a long sleeve shirt or light jacket.
We started our path toward North Island when I passed by a sign indicating a bus stop. Whoa! Why didn't I know about this before? Why didn't Tim tell me about it? But since I had never taken public transportation other than the Metrolink light-rail in St. Louis, I really had no clue how this works. So we continued to walk toward the base when I noticed another bus stop ahead. Hmm, Jackie was starting to cry and complain that her leg was bothering her. And I needed my sweet tea fix from McDonald's. So we sat on the bench and waited. And waited. I had just about given up hope that a bus would ever stop again when one eventually stopped and let us on. Now I can laugh about it, but at the time I was somewhat embarrassed because as soon as I got onto the bus, I sort of panicked because I was not sure how to pay or where the bus would go. Thankfully, the bus driver was very kind when I explained to her that I've never taken a public bus before and that I was not from this area. I paid for a full-day fare for myself and the kids were free. The bus made a stop at the gate to North Island and the kids and I got off and headed to McDonald's.
I was so happy to get my sweet tea at McDonald's. The kids and I finished eating and then headed over to the BX and then the commissary. I stopped at the Travel Office and picked up some information about some of the parks and other events. Then Ben fell asleep in the stroller while I grabbed a few items at the commissary. Whew! That was one beast down.
After finishing up those errands, we headed back to the bus stop just outside the gate and made it just in time for the next bus and made our way back to Aunt Glen's house.
I must say that the public bus was not anything like what I had expected. I always had this idea that public buses were dirty and that there would be a lot of undesirables or homeless people riding on them. I don't know about anywhere else but the bus system here is really nice. The buses were clean and the people were very helpful. Just remember to have exact change with you when riding the buses. I'm ready to ride again!

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