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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Session 2 Personal Training

I went to my second session of personal training today. The trainer, Misty, had me work on leg strenthening today. After warming up, Misty had me start by doing squats, using a weighted ball. Okay, so that wasn't too bad. But then she had me use a 22 lb. kettlebell and swing it between my legs while doing squats. Then I had to run 3 laps around the track. I cheated a little on that one and walked a few steps to catch my breath. Back in the weight room, Misty had me doing squats again, this time using small hand weights. Then I had to do these lunges on each side. Those were actually not too bad and in fact, it felt kind of good on the back of my thigh. So, I thought, "a piece of cake, I can do this, no problem." Well, after that was done, Misty made me do continuous squats for a whole minute. That was the killer. Not even 30 seconds lapsed and I thought my legs were going to crumble beneath me. Whew!! After a few second break, the next thing Misty had me to do was the step. I think those continuous squats affected my performance. Then I had to do another 3 laps around the track. We went through the entire routine twice and it took nearly an hour to do it. That was probably slow timing but I am not giving up. I am committed to doing this because I am finally very determined to get myself back into shape and fitting back into my clothes from less than a year ago. I cannot believe I let myself get to this point but that's what depression and anxiety can lead to. But that's another story for another day. I should say, though, that I am feeling better than I have in a very long time, both physically and mentally/emotionally.


Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Yeesh! The personal training sounds tough, but it souds like you're doing a great job. Keep at it, and you'll be stunned by the results in no time! Way to go, Samantha. I'm really proud of you.

Samantha said...

Thanks. It's more difficult than I had expected but I'm more motivated than ever to get back into good physical shape.