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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Personal Training

I survived my first personal training session tonight. The trainer was tough but good. She had me do stretches, ball exercises, free weights, push-ups, planks, jumping rope, jogging laps around the track, and I'm sure there was more that I can't remember at this point. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get through the session without passing out. I was doubly surprised that I was able to jog around the track without having to stop to catch my breath. The planks were probably the more difficult part of the session. I had to hold that position for 30 seconds. I swear she was counting in half-time because those 30 seconds seemed awfully long, especially when my arms and legs started to shape.
Now, jumping rope was an embarrassing experiment. One time, I was able to get 2 jumps in before I tripped on the 3rd jump. That was my best. But, I'm determined to get back in shape and looking good again. So, I went to Target after my session was over and I bought a jump rope. I promptly came home and tried it out. I was able to get 5 jumps in before I hit my ear with the rope. It hit the earring on the top of my ear and boy, was that painful.
I remember a time when I was able to jump-rope for hours and run track with feeling breathless. No longer is that the case. Ugh, growing old stinks.
Now, I need to go shopping for some good running shoes. I usually wear cross-training shoes, but Misti recommended running shoes. The lack of actual running shoes is a good indicator of my affection for running.

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