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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Motherly Jackie

Yesterday, I got a dose of reality. It seems that my daughter, Jackie, is turning into her own mother. Yesterday, before we left to go to St. Louis to pick something, Jackie insisted on taking 2 of her babies, dolly carseats and all. As I drove, I could hear Jackie occasionally saying something to or about her babies but I really couldn't understand what she was saying. Right before we arrived at our destination, I hear Jackie using a baby voice asking "Mommy, I'm tired" immediately followed by older sounding Jackie saying "What?". I immediately realized she was playing mommy at this point. The conversation ended with Jackie in baby voice "I'm tired" followed by older sounding Jackie saying "Then go to sound."
I was laughing hysterically inside because that is definitely me that she was imitating. Lately with Ben, Jackie is acting motherly much the same way I do with him. She is insisting on changing or putting on his clothes, securing his carseat, making sure he is not in harms way. This morning, Ben tumbled off the couch and bumped his head. He was quite upset and while I was trying to comfort him, Jackie kept trying to rub his back and pat him and talk to him soothingly but Ben was having no part of it. Then later this afternoon, after Ben woke from a nap, Jackie resumed her motherly ways and again, Ben was having no part of it. Jackie must think she is Ben's second mother.
It really pleases me how Jackie loves her brother so much and how she is so nurturing to him. I really hope they do grow up to be close.

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