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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day is already a bust this year

I've just been informed by the father of my children that we will have to wait to celebrate Mother's Day. Apparently, dirt biking takes precedence. He has a very busy weekend which I can understand due to a final coming for his graduate class. So this morning, he is studying and then this afternoon, he has a medical appointment. Then immediately following that, he is taking off to go tend to the dirt bike races for the rest of the day. Then tomorrow morning, he will be going to the office where it is quiet so that he can study all day for his final on Monday. Okay, now I can understand missing Mother's Day for something important such as that but gee, dirt biking today takes priority over his studies. Since he will be so busy working the races today, that is going to take away from study time today and add it onto tomorrow. That's where I have a little bit of a problem. But who am I to deprive him of something that he really enjoys. That's okay, since I will be single parenting on this special day for mothers, I am going to make it a grand one for my kids. I have to get up early to take Jackie to the church for a sound check as her choir will be singing in the morning. Then we will stay for church. From there, the kids and I will pick out a nice place to enjoy a nice lunch (hopefully). Then home for a bit. I will have to take the kids with me to the YMCA so I can go to my Zumba class. Then maybe in the evening, I'll take the kids out again for dinner. Tomorrow is my day and I am NOT going to cook. I'm going to try to make it as stressfree as possible. Is that possible? We shall see tomorrow.
Happy Mother's Day!


Daily Dose of Dahl said...


I'm sad to hear that your Mothers Day won't be spent celebrating what a wonderful mother (and person) you are with your entire family. I also have a punching bag handy should you need to borrow it. ;)

Samantha said...

Thanks Brooke. You're an awesome friend.