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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother-Daughter Time Today

This morning after I woke up, the idea came to me that I should spend some one-on-one time with Jackie. So after Tim came home from changing the oil in the Toyota, I left with Jackie and headed to the mall. But our first stop was my friend, Lisa's, house to drop off some boxes that she wanted me to save for her. Jackie and I visited with her for a little bit.
After leaving Lisa's house, Jackie and I arrived at the mall and headed to the food court. We had to walk through Dillards and as we were walking, this kind older gentleman noticed Jackie limping and he asked Jackie if she hurt her leg. Jackie was quiet so I told the man that Jackie has Cerebral Palsy. He looked amazed and told Jackie that she was doing great and to keep it up. When we got to the food court, I ordered from Chick-Fil-A and the cashier noticed Jackie's bright pink hand splint and asked if Jackie broke her wrist. Again, I explained that Jackie has CP. Jackie is often asked if she hurt her leg or her hand and she gets quiet about. I proudly explain to people that Jackie has CP and is doing very well. After we received our food order, we proceeded to find a table to sit at. Before we could sit, though, Jackie saw the little ride machines. Of course, she wanted to ride them. I told her she had a choice of one to ride. And of course, she chose the one that took the most change. Ha! So, I handed over 4 quarters so she could ride this fake roller coaster. She can ride the same exact thing at Chuck-E-Cheese's for just a quarter. Ah, well. I wanted Jackie to have a nice time. After the little fake coaster ride was over, we found a table to sit at. As soon as I took the food out of the bag and set it on napkins, Jackie asked for ketchup. Of course, there wasn't any in the bag. I had to gather everything together again and walk with Jackie back over to the Chick-Fil-A. As we waited in line to ask for ketchup, I noticed a lady with this awesome looking double stroller. I commented on the stroller and immediately recognized the mother of the 2 boys in the stroller. We had met last December at a playgroup which I occasionally take Ben to. Angie has a 3 year old boy who has a genetic condition. She also has a healthy 4 month old boy. We sat down together to talk and catch up. It was such a nice time and it was so nice to see Angie adjusting to life with 2 small children of which one has special needs. I can relate although Jackie is nowhere near as severe as M is.
After we finished our food, Jackie and I made our way to JCPenney. I found some capri pants and while we were in the fitting room, Jackie loudly asked why there was a hole in my underwear. Thanks, Jackie, for the announcement. Now everyone knows that I have underwear that are falling apart. And by the way, it wasn't a hole, it was just coming apart on the side. But it still does not negate the fact that I was serious need of new underwear. After I bought the capris, I took Jackie to the children's department where we bought her a pair of capris, a shirt, and a shirt for Ben. Then we went to Gymboree to check out their sale. Jackie got a pair of socks and 2 shirts and Ben got a shirt and a pair of shorts.
We left the mall and headed home where I expected Ben and Tim to be waiting for us so we could eat dinner together. But they weren't home. So after calling Tim on his cell phone to find out what his plans were, Jackie and I went back out to shop at Target. I did buy some new underwear there. I also bought some clearance clothes for the kids. I also let Jackie pick out a present for her friend at school who is having a birthday this week. But that particular Barbie was out of stock there and the store clerk directed me to another Target where they had 2 still on the shelves. So Jackie and I headed over there to get the Barbie before meeting Tim and Ben at O'Charley's for dinner.
With the exception of the daily drama from Jackie, and of course the rain, I really enjoyed having special time with Jackie today.

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