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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jackie's Preschool Graduation

This past Wednesday, Jackie graduated from preschool at Zion Lutheran School. The ceremony was held in the chapel. It was so sweet. At the beginning of the ceremony, the teacher introduced each student as they "fluttered" in one by one with their butterfly wings on. Jackie's wings were pink, of course. Once all of the students fluttered in and landed on stage, they sang this cute little song "If I Were..." It was precious. The students sang a few more songs, then it was time for the diploma presentation. After the diplomas were handed to each student, a DVD presentation began. I wish there was some way I could download my copy of the DVD onto this blog. It was so precious. Throughout the DVD, each child was posed with a series of questions and some of the answers made the audience break out in laughter. These kids are just so precious and so funny. When Jackie was asked what she learned in Preschool, her answer was music. Hmm, she has always loved music from the time she was born. And she has a beautiful singing voice. She is definitely musically inclined. Another question that was posed was "What do you want to be?" Jackie's answer: "An ice skater girl." Why?: "Because I like ice skating" Hmm, well, she's never been ice skating but she will soon get her chance because she was invited to an ice-skating birthday party in a couple of weeks. After the ceremony ended, we all headed back to the academic building where there was a cake and punch reception waiting for us. The cake was absolutely adorable with a headshot of each student outlined with flower petals. It was precious.I cannot believe that my baby will be going into Kindergarten this coming August. Time has flown by so quickly. In a way, I am looking forward to it so that I can return to the workforce part-time. But in another way, I don't look forward to it. Jackie will be in school 5 full days per week. I won't be able to protect her as well. And she will be going to public school. Now I realize that not all public schools are bad and not all bus rides are bad. But I can't help but remember the hell that I went through both at school and on the bus. I was bullied terribly. I remember it starting a little bit in 3rd grade and it picked up by 4th-5th grade. Not only was I bullied by fellow students, but I had my share of teachers who did their share of bullying toward me. The bus rides were not any better. But, I have to trust that times have changed and that the teachers truly are against bullying of any kind today. And, the bus drivers are adults, not high school students such as what I experienced during my school years. Time will tell if we will make any transitions from the public school system. Right now, it is my hope that Jackie will thrive and learn and most of all, be safe and be treated well by her teachers. Jackie is very excited about this new venture come August.


Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Jackie looked so beautiful! What a great idea to have the kids' pictures on a cake. That's just awesome!

Samantha said...

Yes, the pictures on the cake idea was a great one.