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Saturday, May 22, 2010


I must be the most socially inept person around. A situation that I learned of today temporarily had me feeling like having somebody take a gun and blow my head off. I just cannot seem to please anybody. Apparently, I have been insulting somebody who I considered a great friend. I had no clue about it. Even worse, I apparently have been saying, or alluding to, negative things about her kids. I truly have no clue what I have said or done to her kids. Gee, I cared about them and they played well with my kids. I found them to be charming and humorous. Humorous in a good way. And they are smart kids. In fact, I often told this person that I thought her son was extremely intelligent. That's a good thing, isn't it? Whatever the problem is, it doesn't negate the fact that she is a great mom to her kids.
You know, if I continue to be the reserved, cautious person that is my nature, then people think I'm stuck-up, not friendly, unapproachable. I try to become more outgoing, approachable, friendly but it just doesn't work out for me. I should just stick with being my loner self. But then, I don't want my kids to be that way. I am striving to set a better example for them so that they do not grow up to be socially inept such as I am.
Okay, now I need to update the blog with good news about Jackie's preschool graduation this past week. I can't believe I almost forgot that.

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