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Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of School Year Celebration, Finally

After a full morning of therapy, both speech and occupational, for Ben, I took the kids to Zion Lutheran School's picnic/carnival. Finally. I say finally because it was supposed to be held last week on Monday but it was canceled due to weather and rescheduled for that following Thursday. During the reception after Jackie's preschool graduation that Wednesday, we were informed that the carnival had been rescheduled. Again. For today. And today was the perfect day to have it. It was warm but not too hot and every now and then, there was a nice, little breeze.
The carnival wasn't a huge event but it was just the right amount for the school. There were a couple of rides and several inflatable, bounce things. There were also concessions and carnival type games. Jackie met up with her friend, Abby, and Abby's grandparents. The two girls thoroughly enjoyed the rides and the inflatables. They didn't even ask to play games. They rode the rides several times in a roll. I feel bad that I didn't get any pictures of Jackie enjoying the rides. Abby's grandma and I got caught up in conversation while Abby's grandpa took pictures of the girls. Jackie was so cute as she ran to me to tell me how much she liked the rides because they were "super fast". I had to chuckle because Jackie's vocabulary has been growing by leaps and bounds lately and she's using such grown-up phrases. She told me later in the day that Ben cracks her up.
Ben was able to climb up on and slide down one of the inflatables. The girl operating the tall inflatable got a kick out of Ben, especially when she had to go up and get him to slide down. The second time Ben went up that one, he decided he was going to have a little fun and bounce around on the platform in front of the slide. Then he would tease us and sit down as if he was going to slide, then just as suddenly, he got right back up and started bouncing again. There were just 2 kids allowed on this particular bounce thing and the line was building. The operator was so sweet about it, though, and just climbed right up there and got Ben to sit down and slid right down with him. Ben loved it and I think he loved it even more that the girl rode down with him.If you look close, you can see Ben teasing us at the top of the slide.I have to share another Ben funny. Before we left for the school carnival, a friend called and while we were having a short conversation, I noticed that Ben was quiet and realized that he was in my master bathroom. I checked in there and there was Ben, standing in my garden tub with my shaver that he had gotten off the window sill above the tub, trying the shave his legs. This is not the first time that he has attempted to shave his legs. I was able to intercept him the first time. Thankfully, the shaver had a dull blade and no harm was done. The boy definitely keeps me on my toes.As you recall, last night I had my first personal training session. It went well and I expected to experience some soreness today. I am sore but not nearly as much as I expected to be. I am so excited about getting back into shape and looking decent again. I went to Zumba this evening and even though I was sore and my legs started to feel more fatigued, I was able to make it through the class. But I was glad when the hour was over. Saturday is my next session and the trainer is going to work on lower body this time. I practiced my jump roping today and was able to make through 6 before I stepped on the rope. That's much better than last night when I couldn't even get past the first jump. So embarrassing.I've always heard how exercise can have an positive effect on those who struggle with depression. I am definitely finding that to be the case here and am quite amazed at how much better emotionally I have been feeling lately. I'll write about my experience soon. Even despite the depressing weekend I experienced after feeling attacked by strangers on Facebook via somebody else's status update. I think I made a wise decision, albeit temporarily (hopefully), to remove that person from my friend list in order to avoid subjecting myself to all those hurtful comments by strangers. Back to the exercise and depression connection, I am definitely feeling more positive, I am a little more patient with my kids, my temper is not as quick, my anger & frustration has decreased significantly. And most of all, I am much more motivated to get back into good shape. Who knows, maybe this will lead to a new interest in body building. As much as my first session wore me out, I left the Y feeling very encouraged and excited.
Before I finish this post, I have to mention a couple of things that occurred yesterday, both involving Jackie. Yesterday, Jackie was drawing on her magna-doodle and when she showed me what she did, I was very impressed. This is not the first time that Jackie has blown me away with her artistic ability. Even her teacher and some of the parent helpers have commented on some of Jackie's artwork. A picture of her sketch from yesterday is posted below. The other thing that occurred was when Jackie asked if her friend, Tucker, could spend the night. What?! Gee, Jackie's just 5 years old and so is T. Of course, the answer was a big, fat NO. I found it to be humorous, though. Ahh, the innocence of childhood.Now that school is out for the summer, Jackie has been asking me every night what we're doing the next day. She wants to go places. I am planning to take Jackie to a couple of church VBS's. I also should look into getting a zoo membership so the kids can enjoy the zoo train and the children's zoo inside the zoo. The base pool is opening this weekend so I'm sure that is one place where we will be spending time at.

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