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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Day After the Torture Session

Well, just as I thought, I woke up this morning quite sore. I was already feeling very sore last night. I had to get up this morning to show the house we have on the market. As I went up the stairs to show the bedrooms, I could really feel the pain. I had to walk sort of sideways back down the stairs. But, I am not giving up on the personal training. After, no pain, no gain, right? But, I did wonder for a moment if I should even attempt to go to Zumba class.
After showing the house, I met Tim and the kids at church. Going from a sitting to standing position throughout service was paaaiiinfulllll. It was even more so when Jackie kept moving around in my lap. Ouch.
After church, I picked up Taco Bell food for us (that is better than other fast food, isn't it) and brought it home. I had a little bit of time to decide whether I should go to Zumba class. Since the Y is going to be closed tomorrow, I did finally decide that I was going to today's class. So, I got the kids in the car and we headed to the Y. It actually was not too bad. In fact, I think it was sort of helpful in keeping me stretched, especially the lower body. I did have to modify some moves but everything else was tolerable. I enjoy the Sunday class with Maggie but I am realizing that although it is a good workout, it is not as strenuous as Misty's zumba classes during the week. Today was a fun class, though, because Maggie taught us a couple of new routines.

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