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Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Day in the Life of Me

Oh, what a day today was. It actually started on Wednesday when Jackie came home from school without her hand splint. She kept saying that it was probably at school. I looked in her backpack but I didn't see it so the only thing I could do was hope that it was at school. Jackie has a history of losing very much needed items. Last year, she lost a thumb splint after having it for just a month. Earlier this year, she lost a pair of brand new glasses that were just 2 weeks old. Jackie also has a history of mangling her much needed items, too. I can't even begin to describe what her previous pairs of eyeglasses look like now. Anyway, this morning Tim offered to take Jackie to school since he was off from work. I told him about Jackie's missing splint and asked he if could please inquire about it at school. He came home empty-handed and said that he looked in all the toy areas, cubby areas, and even the school lost & found area. Feeling stressed about this latest missing item, I was on a mission to find it and being that a previously named person has ADD, I knew that I needed to re-check. So off to the school I went. I got to Jackie's classroom and re-checked her backpack. Whoa, there it was wrapped in her little blanket. I took it home for safe-keeping. It is just so stressful trying to keep up with all of Jackie's needs because it can be quite expensive. Tricare will cover only so much.
After I get back home, I decided that today would be a great day to take Ben for a big boy haircut. When I said to Ben, "let's go get your haircut" he ran into the bathroom and came running out with his sister's pink hair clip and insisted on wearing it. Oh boy! This would not go over well with his father. But I put it in Ben's hair to make him happy. Then he grabbed his black lunch cooler and cup and off we went, hair clip and all. I took him to the local cosmetology school and for $7, the stylist did an awesome job. And Ben was such good boy. He even caused a few chuckles in the studio with his cuteness. This was not Ben's first cut however, it was his first big boy cut done with actual clippers instead of just scissors. And it's much shorter. No more baby cuts.After we arrived back home, I gave Ben his lunch and I went down into the basement to quickly start a load of laundry and to get a bottle of water. Tim was in our bedroom working on a school project so I thought Ben would be okay for just a few short moments. When I came back upstairs, Ben came running to me crying and holding his mouth wide open. At first, I thought that perhaps he didn't like his lunch (pizza) but he kept crying and gesturing toward his mouth. When I looked in his mouth, it looked like little pieces of a wet paper napkin so I started to dig into his mouth to pull it out. It was wrapped around his tongue and it was on the inside of his cheek. It was not coming off. Then when I glanced up at the kitchen counter, I saw a tube of super glue that appeared to have been bitten into. I immediately realized that Ben got up onto the counter and bit into the tube of super glue. I immediately went into panic mode and yelled to Tim that Ben got super glue in his mouth and then I called the local emergency room. The person at the ER gave me the number for poison control. When I finally got through to a live person, I immediately explained what happened. The kind lady on the other end must have detected the panic in my voice and immediately reassured me that Ben was going to be fine and that the super glue is non-toxic. I was so afraid that the super glue had been swallowed and that Ben's airway would be glued shut. Thankfully, that would not be the case as the glue is soluble. However, the lady did explain that if it got onto the teeth, then it would flake off over time but that it should come off of the tongue and his cheek easily. Whew. I was shaking and still shook for a good half hour after that episode. This boy is causing me grief. He is such a climber and he has no fear of heights. Ben apparently inherited from his father his ability to climb and ingest foreign substances. From what I've been told by my mother-in-law, as a little tike, Tim had his stomach pumped no less than 4 times due to ingesting foreign substances and an aunt's prescriptions pills. Gah!
Tim then took off to ride his dirt bike and I waited for the neighbor to bring Jackie home from school. After Jackie came home from school, we head to the YMCA so I could do the Zumba class. As I was signing in the kids in the play area, I overheard somebody say that the Zumba class was canceled due to illness. What?!! Oh, No, that's not good because I'm addicted to Zumba. Then Brooke came in to inform me of the same. So we decided to utilize that time instead to work out in the cardio room. We did the treadmill and then we worked on some weight machines to work our abs, lower back, and triceps. It turned out to be an okay workout after all thanks to Brooke who showed me how to use some of the newer machines. Speaking of Brooke, it has been so nice to have a work-out partner. She is a wonderful friend and our kids are close in age so they play together nicely.

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