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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a Week It's Been

This past week has been a whirlwind of ailments around here. It all started with our dog, Lucy. Last week on Wednesday, Tim woke me before he went to work to tell me to keep an eye on Lucy because her eye was swollen. He thought perhaps Lucy was bitten by something. When I got out of bed, I took a look at Lucy's eye and agreed that it did indeed look a little swollen. She seemed to act fine, though.
Later that morning, Ben's speech therapist came and worked with Ben. After that was done, I got the kids in the car and we took off to run errands. Our first stop was to gas up the Toyota. Then we went into Sam's Club to get Jackie's eyeglasses repaired. I swear that kid is doing everything possible to those glasses in order to get away with not wearing them. This is only the hundredth time that we have had to repair or replace these glasses since receiving the new pair in January. After leaving Sam's Club, it was on to get Jackie's hair cut.
After we finished all those errands, we headed to the commissary for groceries. We arrived back home about 3 hours after we started the errands. After I got Ben into his bed for a short nap and I unloaded and put away the groceries, I reached down to pet Lucy and check her eye. I immediately noticed that Lucy flinched, sort of like an abused animal would. I knew she was in pain so I called the vet. They had an immediate appointment available so I asked the neighbor girl to watch the kids. I got Lucy to the vet and the vet thought at first that Lucy had a splinter in her eye. So she tried to remove but Lucy was having none of it and kept squirming to get away. Lucy is such a trooper, though, and was so sweet and loving to everybody around her. The vet decided that it would be best to inject Lucy with a sedative. Well, it took a long time so I asked the receptionist for an update. The technician came out to reassure me that Lucy was doing good and that she should be ready to go soon. The vet finally brought me into the exam room and explained that it was more serious than a splinter. Lucy actually and a punctured eyeball. The aqueous humor (fluid inside the eyeball) had leaked out some and it had pulled the iris toward the puncture site. Lucy was at risk of losing her eye. So she was sent home with an E-collar and 3 medications. I had to pick up a 4th medication at Walmart pharmacy. We also had to keep her calm and as inactive as possible. Yeah, right! That was a near impossible task. Thankfully, the follow-up visit this week showed fantastic improvement. The risk of losing her eye is not as great although there is still a small blood clot inside the eye. We have to continue the eye drops and keep the E-collar on for a couple of more weeks.
Monday, it was Ben's turn to get sick. After a nice weekend of Easter activities, Ben woke up with a high fever. As the morning progressed, Ben became more lethargic and was very clingy. I was getting very concerned that the tylenol (I was out of ibuprofen) was not helping at all and I was ready to take Ben to the ER. When Tim came home that night, I went and bought some ibuprofen and a little while later, Ben's fever finally broke. However, he kept me up for a good part of the night because he want to PLAY! He would not stay in his bed. I finally just turned the TV and lights off and laid on the couch with the hope that Ben would get a clue that it was time BED, not PLAY. He took off for my bedroom where Tim was sleeping. Fine, maybe he'll lay down and sleep next to his daddy. I must have dozed off fairly quickly. When I woke up a bit later, I looked around for Ben and found him in his own bed. He had put himself to bed.
Yesterday was my turn to see the doctor. A week ago, I went to Zumba which I've been doing at least a couple of times a week for the past couple of months. I absolutely enjoy it. Well, last Friday morning, I noticed that my foot was hurting. I don't remember hurting my foot during Zumba so I figured that the discomfort would go away quickly. It didn't but I decided to got to Zumba on Tuesday night anyway. I got about 1/2 through before I had to modify some of the steps. I almost made all the way through before I finally had to give it up. I couldn't get an appointment at Family Practice so they referred me to the Urgent Care clinic. I hate that place but my foot was hurting. I had also been having some shortness of breath so desperation took precedence over my strong dislike for the Urgent Care. Three hours later, I left there with a diagnosis of arthritis and tendonitis in my foot and I was also diagnosed with Reactive Airway disease. All I have to say about that is that I'm glad I have an appointment on Friday with Family Practice.
So that's a synopsis of our health woes for the last week.

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