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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jackie, One of the Lights in My Life

Jackie has been such a ham lately. She has been making me smile more these last couple of weeks despite the stresses that I've been experiencing. In addition to preschool 3 days per week, on Tuesdays, Jackie attends a Mom's Day Out program at a local church. The kids are dismissed and picked up in the sanctuary. Last week, one of the teachers told me that Jackie looked back and saw me and then said to this teacher, "There's my mommy. She's so pretty." Aww, after my initial embarrassment, my heart melted and I immediately felt tears try to well up in my eyes. That really made my day.
Jackie loves to sing and lately, she has been belting out the songs that are currently in the CD changer in the car. I almost always have to have this one particular CD in because Jackie insists on hearing her favorite (one of her favorites) song on the way to preschool or church. She has such a sweet voice. She already has a talent for singing in key and I am going to continue to encourage her in that direction. I just LOVE to hear my baby girl sing. I'm looking forward to her first performance whenever that may be.
Last Saturday, I took the kids to a Family Day put on by the YMCA. Jackie and Ben got to ride ponies. Ben did not like it but Jackie seemed to enjoy it. There was also a chiropractor there doing scoliosis checks on the kids. So, I got Jackie in line and waited for her turn. Our turn came up and the chiropractor gave instructions to Jackie while he explained to his assistant what he was looking for. I heard him say something to this assistant about a slight curve of her torso to the left but no scoliosis. At this point, I still had not said anything about Jackie's CP. So, when he completed his assessment of Jackie, he smiled and announced that she appeared to be free of scoliosis. I already knew this as Jackie monitored on a regular basis for potential development of scoliosis and hip dysplasia. It was then that I took the opportunity to tell him of Jackie's CP diagnosis. He expressed surprise and then said to his assistant that that was why they could see a slight curve but that there was no scoliosis. He praised me for the hard work that I've put into Jackie's treatment which has resulted in the awesome progress that Jackie has experienced so far. That really made my day.This past Monday, one of the papers in Jackie's backpack included a chart she made in school. On one side she was supposed to list things that made her angry. On the other side, she was supposed to list things that made her happy. Well, on the angry side, she had drawn a red angry face and then stated "when my brother bites me." Yep, her brother is a biter and a big one at that. He has drawn blood on more than one occasion. Ben's biting is the one time that I have given permission for Jackie to get back at him by biting him back. But Jackie is just too sweet to hurt her brother. As strong-willed as Jackie is, she is also a sweet, loving, sensitive big sister and I just love that about her. I really hope that my children have a much better relationship than I had with my parents' son.
Today, Jackie had a follow-up appointment with her orthopedic surgeon. While we were waiting in the exam room, Jackie told me that she told the kids at school that she is going to be an ice-skating girl. (insert chuckle). Ice-skating girl. I just love her. Then she told me that she is going to be doctor. An ice-skater girl doctor. She has big dreams and you know what? I have no doubt that she can reach them. Even with her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, I am very confident that my precious daughter can be a figure skater. She can be a doctor. She can be anything that she sets her sights on. One thing I will NOT do is tell her that she cannot do a certain something. If she wants to join the military, I will NOT tell that she won't make it. She may be small but she's might inside. If she wants to bike across America, I will NOT tell that she can't do it because she's not strong enough. I may not like that idea but I am not about to hold Jackie back from anything that she sets out to accomplish. This girl has already overcome alot in her short life so far. And she is going to continue to accomplish great things.
I sure do love my baby girl.

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