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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

I took the kids to a local church for an Easter Egg hunt. It was very nice and the kids came away with prizes and eggs filled with candy. In fact, this one was one of the best Easter activities, yet, that I have done with the kids.In the past, I have taken Jackie to a church across the road from our subdivision. This church is known for their outreaches and draws hundreds, if not thousands, of people to the various activities throughout the year. Last year, Jackie was just recovering from a fractured clavicle. So that on top of her Cerebral Palsy made me a little cautious but I decided that I am not holding Jackie back and that she will be treated like her peers. However, I did ask one of the persons in charge if I could help my daughter being that she was healing from the fractured clavicle and I wasn't sure if she could even hold her basket while picking up the eggs. "Sure, no problem" I was told. So, we went to the section for Jackie's age group and waited for the whistle to sound indicating it was time to go grab the eggs. Well, Jackie came away with one egg. The other kids were just so excited and pushing and grabbing eggs out from under Jackie. One little girl did take pity on Jackie and offered Jackie one of her eggs from her overflowing basket. So Jackie came home with 2 eggs. It hurts me to see Jackie struggle. It's not about the candy in the eggs or if Jackie can get more eggs than the other kids. Which reminds me, I also hate pinatas at birthday parties. I'll save that story for another time, though. It just reminds me of the reality that Jackie does still struggle physically even though she looks and acts like a typical child her age. And I worry that eventually Jackie will soon start to become more cognizant of it and that it will affect her confidence. Jackie fared much better at the local community college a week later but this time I stayed closer to her and helped her to stay focused on putting the eggs in her basket as soon as she saw and picked one up. She was so cute, though, because she kept scoping out which eggs she liked best even if it was clear across the room.
Back to this year, this year I decided that I was going to do an egg hunt for my kids and the neighbor kids. I bought a bunch of candy and I brought the plastic eggs up from the basement. Then today, at the sort of the last moment, I took the kids to Towerview Baptist Church where they had an activity inside the church and then they had drawings to give away Easter baskets, stuffed animals, toys, and 2 bikes. Ben won an Easter basket. He was so funny because when I got out from our pew, Ben decided it was time to leave. Everyone started to laugh. I got Ben up to the front to receive his basket and he was a happy boy. While we were sitting and listening to other names being called out, Ben started having a fit because he wanted to open up his basket to get to all the colorful goodies inside. At the same time, Jackie is beginning to whine that she wants her name called because she wants a basket, too. Oh Lord, how was I going to console Jackie if she came away empty-handed. Then suddenly, I heard Jackie's name. "Jackie, they called your name. Hurry up and get up there" I exclaimed. So Jackie started to take off, then suddenly she put on the brakes and came back to our seat. I ended up walking her up to the front of the sanctuary to get her basket. She was a happy camper for sure and thankfully, I was spared the ordeal of having to explain "luck of the draw" concept.
The egg hunt was next and like most other egg hunts we've been to, they had areas sectioned off according to age group. Jackie did a great job picking up eggs, although she needed little reminders to just put the eggs in her basket and admire later. She kept pointing out how pretty this one was, oh this one is pink (she LOVES pink), maybe Ben will like this one, this one's already open, etc. Ben, on the other hand, ran to the playset that was right next to his section of the egg hunt and he proceeded to climb up on it. I retrieved him from there and showed Ben how to pick up an egg and put it in his basket. He got the hang of it right away and actually ended up retrieving a few more eggs than Jackie did. All in all, I was very pleased that it was not overly crowded and the kids really seemed to enjoy it this year. The people were nice and there was no pushing and shoving around. After the egg hunt was over, we were all led into the fellowship hall where there were cookies and drinks available. Thank you Towerview Baptist for such a nice time. And thank you for the prizes that my kids won. We look forward to participating again next year.

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Daily Dose of Dahl said...

wow! those are great baskets! So glad both kids won something, that would be difficult to explain. We took the kids to the community college one this year and I was impressed that the kids were so polite to each other. Sounds like it wasn't that way last on pushy kids!