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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inspirational story for CP Awareness Month

I had the pleasure of talking to another CP mom, Anna. Her 19-year old son,J, is quite an inspiration. I met him this past weekend at church. This young man is in a wheelchair but he is not letting that keep him from becoming an independent individual. Anna shared with me that J was born 2 months premature and had suffered a lack of oxygen which resulted in his CP. J has gone through numerous treatments and surgeries, including for his eyes. J's parents divorced during his infancy and his mom, Anna, remarried a wonderful man who took on the responsibility of helping to raise this special young man along with his sister. Now that is commitment. It is sad but true that there are too many men who would not take on such a task. Anna shared that up until high school, J attended a public school where he had an aid who assisted him in getting around campus, opening books & taking notes, etc. For high school, Anna sent her J to a private Christian school where Anna, herself, attended with him to be his aid. It was a 2-story building and together with a couple of the guys from school, Anna was able to get J upstairs for his classes. Anna did this every school day. Anna is very committed to making sure that her son gets the education and services he deserves.
Today, J is a full-time student at a local college where he is studying business. Anna shared that it was difficult to let her son go on his own to school. She takes him to the campus and picks him up when his classes are done. J has refused to let his mother accompany him and has demanded independence. Having my own special-needs child, I can relate to the difficulty of letting your child go. We're not there to rescue them and protect them. We can only hope and pray that our children will be okay without us by their side. I applaud Anna for finding the courage and strength to let her son become his own independent self. After caring for J and assisting him his entire life, that had to be a huge adjustment. I'm sure Anna would still be by J's side if he had not demanded to be let go. Now J is doing very well in his classes and he's making friends that would otherwise not have made if his mother had been by his side. J is well on his way to being independent, to completing his education, to building a career, and getting his driver's license. I will not be the least bit surprised if he meets a wonderful young lady to marry and have children with. J could easily sit back and say "woe is me" and continue to depend on others to care for him. But J is determined to self-sufficient and accomplish big things. J should serve as inspiration for not only those who deal with disabilities but for those who just plain are not motivated to make something of their lives. J is also an inspiration to those who don't give credit where credit is due because of their closed-mindedness when it comes to persons with disabilities. Unfortunately, there are still too many people who quickly assume that persons with disabilities are not capable of living and leading full, independent lives. J is on his way to proving that assumption wrong.
J is an inspiration to me and I look forward to getting to know him better. I am so excited to see what his future holds for him.

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what an inspirational story!!!