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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Chaos! When will it end? Ever? Today started out good. Tim went to the office to work on a project for his MBA class. I did some housework while the kids played. After Ben's nap, I took the kids outside as it was a beautiful day. Jackie immediately went over to Taylor's (Jackie's best friend next door) house to ask her to come out to play. So, all was well...for a moment. They rode their bikes, pulled each other in the wagon, played in the dirt while I attempted to start some landscaping.
I got 3 bricks laid down before Tim came home. Tim looked at what I started and asked "where's the hoe? It's easier with the hoe." Umm, thanks dear, I was using the hoe. And the shovel. And the rake. I was being resourceful and doing my best to start on the landscaping and he's concerned with me using a hoe. Hmph. So he goes inside and then comes back outside and plays with the kids for a few minutes. In the meantime, the girls (Jackie & Taylor) noticed a cat and took pity upon it. The cat actually belongs 3 doors away but the girls apparently thought it was homeless because it did not have a collar or tags. I assured the girls that the cat probably has a microchip. The cat is very friendly and Taylor picked it up and hugged on it. While this is going on, Tim comes out to ask what's for dinner because he's hungry. Umm, well, I didn't plan to cook a dinner because he had called earlier to say that he would probably be working on his project for awhile longer and said to not plan for dinner for him. Okay, so I planned to just do something quick and simple for the kids. So, I immediately tried to come up with a plan for dinner that would include Tim and decided on just doing vegetables. I went inside to get everything started and Ben followed me inside as he's just 2 years old. Then Tim went back outside. In the meantime, Jackie comes running inside to ask me to bring the dogs inside so that she and Taylor can put the cat in the backyard. Yeah right, kiddo. Even if I brought the dogs inside, the cat is not about to stay in that backyard. Sometime during this exchange, Tim came back inside without me knowing. When I noticed Ben was not inside the house, I immediately went into panic mode and when I looked in my bedroom, there was Tim laying on the bed watching TV but no Ben. I asked Tim if he saw Ben and his response: "No, I thought he was outside with you!" Um, no, did you not see me in the kitchen cooking and getting dinner together that I had not planned for, mind you. So I drop everything and run outside to look for Ben. I found him in the front side yard and then I spotted the girls taking the poor cat home. I got Ben inside and he was not very happy. Finally, Tim suggested putting Ben in the back yard. Fine then, at least he is somewhat safer in the fenced-in back yard. Of course, the dogs proceeded to try and eat Ben's banana that he was carrying around. At least Ben was out of my hair so that I could tend to dinner. Tim was too busy watching TV after a long day of working on his project.
I hate dinner prep time. It is the bewitching hour here. The kids cry for snacks, the dogs are underfoot, Tim is laying in bed watching TV after a long day at work, I'm trying to get the evening's meal prepared and tonight was no different with the exception that Jackie and Taylor were begging for Taylor to spend the night. Tonight just is not a good night for that and I told the girls so. Apparently, they were unfazed with my explanation of why and they continued to pester me. I finally compromised and told Taylor that she can stay for dinner. Thankfully, Taylor seemed happy with it. Jackie, of course, did not and continue to ask at the table for Taylor to stay the night. Finally, Tim gave his resounding "No". During all of this, Ben is just being a bear. (Actually, he's been a bear all week) He wanted his dinner, he didn't want. He wanted it, he didn't want it. Uggghhh. I was done with it by this point. Tim finally picked Ben up and put him in his crib. When Ben finally calmed down, I brought him back to the table where Ben immediately asked for his plate. Good. Until I went outside to make sure the girls brought everything back into the garage. I came back inside and Ben was gone. Apparently, Ben started up and Tim put Ben back in his crib. Ben finally calmed enough to come back out to finish his dinner. Whew, got dinner taken care of. Now to clean the kitchen. I really find it amazing how I can spend 3 hours cleaning my house, including the kitchen, and it takes just 2 minutes to make my kitchen look like a hurricane blew through. Thank God for dogs. Their sole purpose is to clean up after the kids. Just kidding about that but I tell you what, dogs certainly are good for more than just mere pets. They're awesome when it comes to kitchen floor detail after the kids eat.
Tim often wonders why I don't get to bed until very late. Well, I work all day, not outside the home but I am quite busy taking care of my kids, trying to keep the house from becoming a pigsty, doing laundry, running around to Jackie's appointments (and my PT appointments), and much more. Then before Tim gets home, I try to get dinner started. After dinner, I clean and disinfect the kitchen, bathe the kids, get the kids ready for bed, and sometime in between everything, I try to find time to go the the YMCA. The only QUIET time that I have to myself is after everybody (including Tim) is in bed. Tim works hard all day so he comes home and kicks back. He does go to MBA classes 2-3 times a week and works on his project in between work and class. So he's busy, too. And on the nice weekends, he takes his dirtbike out. That will be starting up again soon so I am on my way to being a dirtbike widow again soon. Ah, well.

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