Yes, it is!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Little Mommy

Jackie has been quite the little mommy these last couple of days. This morning, she insisted that her baby had to go with us to church. So, she puts her naked baby in the babydoll infant carrier with a blanket over it. Off to church we go. I tried to get her to keep the baby in the car but no, it had to go inside with us. So, she carried this thing into church with us and she was actually quite attentive to it during the song service. During the announcements, I took Ben to the nursery and when I came back inside the sanctuary, I noticed Jackie had her dress hiked way up to her chest. At first, I thought she was playing with her belly button, which has been an obsession of hers, and as I started to pull her dress down and remind her not to show her underwear off in public, she whispered "baby eating." It was then, that I noticed that she was actually holding her baby to her chest, not playing with her belly button. And Tim was oblivious to the entire thing. He must have really been into the announcements because even though Jackie was sitting right next to him, he did not notice Jackie "feeding" her baby while at the same time showing the world her underwear and naked belly. I have to say that I was laughing hysterically inside. I just love that girl.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jackie and Make-up and Other Stuff

This past week, Jackie brought an object to me (which shall remain unnamed) and asked "Mommy, is this a bandaid?" Obviously, it was not a band-aid but I calmly took it from her and said "yes, it's a band-aid." Thank God she did not pursue the matter further. I was cracking up inside, though.
A little over a month, Jackie went to a friend's birthday party after which she brought home a goody back that included a necklace. Well, I noticed that this necklace pendant opened up and inside there was some kind lip gloss or something. I wasn't sure what it was but it did smell good. So I closed it back up and hoped Jackie would not notice that the pendant opened up to this mystery substance. Well, she discovered it alright. I have pictures to prove it. Jackie had this stuff on her face. After I told her to go clean up and to put the necklace away, she came back into my room with Ben following her. Then I noticed Ben was made up, too. And Jackie had the stuff completely coating her face by now. As you can see in the pictures, I find it intriguing that this mystery stuff somehow made it's way to the back of Ben's neck. If you look close at the pictures, you can see where the "make-up" was applied. I swear I have the goofiest kids.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This Place is a ******** Mess!

That's right, this place is a mess. We've been switching rooms around and with 2 little ones around, things have gotten to be quite messy here. Jackie was talking to Tim's mom and telling her how she didn't have school last Friday and that she doesn't have school on Monday. Then suddenly Jackie announced to her grandma "and this place is a friggin' mess." It was funny but it drove the point home how careful we need to be with our words.