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Friday, February 13, 2009

Jackie's Valentine Party

Jackie's class had a little Valentine party today. Ben and I were next door at playgroup so when it was time, we joined the party along with another playpal, Isabel, whose brother is in Jackie's class. Ben enjoyed the little cake and in fact, he even swiped Isabel's cake. Jackie came home with lots of Valentines and candy. Before joining the party, Ben enjoyed playgroup as usual. He has become quite busy. He loves to climb on the playsets and ride in the play cars. He did have an incident where he fell backward into a car and he could not get back out. It was a comical sight but Ben was non-plussed. A couple of weeks ago at playgroup, he figured out how to climb into the car but when it came to climbing out, he was not quite sure how to do so. But he figured it out his own way but just climbing out. He just dove head first out of the car so that his hands were on the ground and his butt and feet were up in the air. It was funny to watch him figure his own way out of the car. Then a few moments later, he decided he wanted back in the car but this time, he climbed under the car and into the seat. He is such a funny boy and quite smart to figure out on his own how to get things done.

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