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Saturday, February 21, 2009

$12.95 For a Baby's First Haircut?!!!

Fantastic Sam's used to offer baby's first cuts for free along with a certificate and an envelope to keep the first clips in. I took Ben for his first hair cut but when I was told that it would be $12.95 to cut his hair, I balked, of course. Am I cheap? I don't think so but I refuse to pay nearly $13 to have a few tiny clips done to Ben's hair. On top of that, a tip would be expected. I'm sorry but that is just pure highway robbery. So, I will be doing his cuts on my own. Pray for me.

Jackie's First Time Skating

Tim took Jackie skating for the first time today. Ben was napping but when he woke up, he and I went over to the skating rink to watch Jackie skate. She was so cute and having alot of fun. I don't know about Tim, though. I think he was getting a little bored following Jackie around the rink. It was painstakingly slow for him. But Jackie was having a good time and she was so proud of her as was I. With Jackie's disability, I was not certain if skating would be a good thing for her leg but she seemed to hold up well. She did get fatigued but after resting a short time, she was ready to get back out on the rink. The skates were nice in that the 2 wheels on each skate were "walking" training wheels. That helped to keep Jackie from losing her balance. A

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Days in the Life of Ben

Ben is quite the adventurer. He gets into things, climbs onto and into things, and is becoming quite the pesky brother. I am always warning Jackie to keep her bedroom door closed or keep her things out of Ben's reach. As you can see in the pictures, Ben got his hands on Jackie's color markers. The next day, Jackie left her colors within Ben's reach again. I was cleaning the hall bathroom when Ben came running in with purple stuff drooling down his chin. When I went to wipe his face off, I pulled his lower lip down and noticed that he had crayon lodged between his teeth. He was certainly enjoying the markers and crayons.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Not Worth Time Out?

Jackie never ceases to amaze me with the explosion of her vocabulary. I threatened her earlier today with a time-out for disobeying. She kept saying something and then I finally understood: "It's not worth time-out," she said. Where on earth did she pick that up? I had a good laugh inside, of course.


I have no clue what this is about. What can I say except that I have a weird kid?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jackie's Valentine Party

Jackie's class had a little Valentine party today. Ben and I were next door at playgroup so when it was time, we joined the party along with another playpal, Isabel, whose brother is in Jackie's class. Ben enjoyed the little cake and in fact, he even swiped Isabel's cake. Jackie came home with lots of Valentines and candy. Before joining the party, Ben enjoyed playgroup as usual. He has become quite busy. He loves to climb on the playsets and ride in the play cars. He did have an incident where he fell backward into a car and he could not get back out. It was a comical sight but Ben was non-plussed. A couple of weeks ago at playgroup, he figured out how to climb into the car but when it came to climbing out, he was not quite sure how to do so. But he figured it out his own way but just climbing out. He just dove head first out of the car so that his hands were on the ground and his butt and feet were up in the air. It was funny to watch him figure his own way out of the car. Then a few moments later, he decided he wanted back in the car but this time, he climbed under the car and into the seat. He is such a funny boy and quite smart to figure out on his own how to get things done.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lesson #1: Do Not Take a Four-Year Shopping

Do not take a 4-year shopping for birthday presents lest you want her to give away secrets. Last night, we all went to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday. Just before we got ready to leave the restaurant, Tim asked Jackie if she wanted to go home so Mommy can open her presents. She immediately proceeded to tell me "I got you candle." Of course, Tim got a good laugh out of that. Little does he know, though, that this past Christmas Jackie told me that she and Ben got me a butterfly necklace after Daddy brought her home from Christmas shopping. So, my birthday was nice. I got the candle from the kids and Tim got me a family Bible. Tim also got me an ice-cream cake which was so delicious.