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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pray Nothing Happens to Me

Please pray that nothing happens to me while my children grow up. Tim needs me in a bad way. He does not tolerate diaper duty or vomit duty well at all. I can probably count on one hand the number of messy diapers he has changed on either of our children. But I can tell you this, he has never cleaned up their vomit. That is solely my job. Okay, last night Jackie was acting like her normal self when she went to bed. Well, at around 10:30, I heard her cough and I recognized that unmistakable sound. So I run to her room and there she is vomiting all over herself and the bed. So I call downstairs for Tim to get me some towels and help me get Jackie into the bathroom. I got Jackie into the bathroom and Tim sat with her until I quickly got the bed stripped of the linens. The comforter and sheets as well as the mattress pad had to be removed. Thankfully, I had the mattress covered with a vinyl protector. I got that removed and then went to get Jackie washed off and dressed with clean pajamas. While I am tending to Jackie, I realized that Tim is sort of pacing around. From previous experience, I knew better than to ask his help with cleaning up so I told him to get lost downstairs. I got Jackie settled back into bed and within a half hour, she was vomiting again. All over the bed and herself again. So, I quickly got Jackie back into the bathroom and then I quickly stripped the bed again. Tim came back upstairs and this time he lost it. I told him to just go and that it would be more helpful to me if he just went back downstairs. There is no way on I was going to take care of 2 vomiting people. It was enough to deal with a child. Sorry but Tim was on his own. I got Jackie cleaned up and changed yet again. This time I had Jackie lay on a bunch of blankets and her pillow in the bathroom. I did not know what else to do. It was a good thing, too, because she vomited again. I pray to God that nothing happens to me because Tim just cannot handle this job. I can see him now. He would just take the entire bed and toss it and start anew. Forget about cleaning. Finally Jackie fell back asleep again and a short time later, Ben started crying. He kept crying so I went to check on him. Since I did not want him to wake everybody up, I picked him up and tried to rock him back to sleep. No such luck. By this time, it is almost 1:00 in the morning. Ben was wide awake and ready to play. He was not going back to bed. So, I gave in and took him into the computer room to play while I finished putting together a package that I had to send out the next morning. After about 45 minutes, I was able to put Ben back into his crib without a problem. For some reason, I guess Ben decided that it was recess time in the middle of the night although he has been sleeping through the night for several months. Hmmm. I finally made it to bed after 2:00. Whew what a night and what a mound of laundry that developed in less than 2 hours. It ended up being 5 loads of laundry of which 2 loads were comforters with one in each load.
The rest of the week went well but it was busy. Tim and I stripped the hideous wallpaper from the master bathroom walls. Tim finished painting it today and it looks so much nicer. Now I am anxious to get the hall bathroom done. That bathroom wallpaper actually looks okay but I just do not like wallpaper and I want it removed. Illinoisans seem to really like their wallpaper here. We saw one house that even had wallpaper on the ceiling. The ceiling!!!
Jackie is excited about Christmas. She keeps saying that Santa is going to bring her presents for her birthday. Her birthday is November 1. Okay Santa, do not forget. Jackie is still asking for a purple camera. Well, I cannot find a purple camera and I sure do hope that she will be happy with the blue one that she is getting on Christmas.
Jackie is also excited about her grandma visiting next week and sleeping in Jackie's bed. Grandma Stewart (for whom Jackie has a very unique pronunciation for) is arriving on Ben's birthday next Wednesday. Jackie is very excited.
Jackie's newest favorite phrase: "What you doing?" It was cute at first. Tim says at least she doesn't say "Why?" Actually, I don't which one is worse.
I got Jackie's hair cut shorter. It really is cute. I took her to a school of cosmetology over in O'Fallon. The girl did a really nice job and the best part is that it cost only $3.00. It is just $7.00 for adults but I don't know if I am brave enough to let a student experiment with my hair.
I just love how my children love each other. Ben adores Jackie and his face just lights up when he sees her. I just love it. I am attaching a couple of videos.

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