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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas week went well. The beginning of the week was very cold and reached into the single digits. It gradually got warmer leading up to Christmas Day. Jackie had the week off from school this week and she does not return until January 5th. I think she misses school but I have been enjoying this time with her. A couple of days before Christmas, Jackie experienced her first date with Daddy to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. I think Jackie really enjoyed that time with her daddy as she came home and excitedly told me that she got me a surprise. She was so excited about picking out this surprise. We went to church on Christmas Eve where we enjoyed music and listened to scripture reading. After church, we came home and allowed Ben and Jackie to open one present. Jackie received a doctor set from "aunt" Pam and Ben got a toy truck.
Then it was bedtime for the kids so Santa could pay a visit. After eating breakfast on Christmas morning, we gathered in the living room to open presents. Jackie really got into it and when she opened all of her presents, she asked for more. She just loves to unwrap things. She even "helped" Ben open all of his presents. Jackie was treated very well by Santa this year with a Leapster 2, AquaDoodle mat, games, puzzles, a camera, and more. Ben was also treated well with a Busy Ball-tivity Center, more toy trucks and cars, his first footballs. Tim did well, too, with receiving a new motorcycle helmet, Zune MP3 player, the Civil War dvd series by Ken Burns, and a few other things. Tim's mom got him a really nice down pillow. I got a Wii from Tim and my surprise from Jackie ended up being a butterfly necklace. Ben was a little overwhelmed by all the activity but he seemed to enjoy his new toys. Jackie is really enjoying her Leapster. Thank you to "aunt" Pam and to Grandma Stewart for your presents to Jackie and Ben. The day after Christmas, I went shopping for a couple of hours with my friend but we really did not find deals that we considered worthwhile. The weather warmed up quite a bit and Tim went dirt-biking after I came home from shopping. We did eventually get some rain. Today brought even warmer weather, high 60s. But it rained and stormed all day long. I had volunteered to make chili for the homeless ministry that our church helps with and just before I was to leave to take it to the church, the tornado alarms started going off and tornado warnings showed up on the news. Tornados in the middle of winter? Imagine that?! Crazy. I did venture out, though, to take the chili to the church and by the time I made it back home, the tornado warnings were over. It is still raining hard, though. I hope the weather does not get too cold again this coming week so I can do something with the kids. Since Jackie is off from school for another week, I would like to get out somewhere with them. I should also use this week to get our house back in order. Wow, I did not realize that Christmas with 2 kids can wreck a house up. Ughhh!

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