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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy Weekend

Wow, what a busy few days this past week. My mother-in-law came into town last Wednesday and as cold as it was here, we still managed to get out and do a few things. Jackie thoroughly enjoyed having her grandma here to visit. I think Jackie wore Grandma out.
Thursday afternoon, we had our family pictures done. I made the appointment to have Ben's 1-year photo, Jackie's 4-year photo, and then our family photo. I was not very pleased with our photographer and we did not get any good family pictures. And Jackie was having a little attitude problem during the family photo session and refused to smile. Finally, during the birthday photo session, Jackie cooperated and we got some really nice shots. My favorite one is of Jackie and Ben lying head to head. I think it is so precious. Last Saturday, Tim took all of us to Springfield, Illinois to go see Abraham Lincoln's house. That was so neat. As I walked through each of the rooms, I could not help but imagine the Lincoln family going about their daily routine.There is 4-block area of houses and other buildings that is part of the tour but it was so windy that we did just a part of it because Jackie kept fussing about the wind. From there, we tried to find the Executive mansion. We kept seeing signs pointing the way but we never found the house. Oh, well. Hopefully, it will be vacant soon of our corrupt governor. We went to a pizza shop called Gallina's. I met a friendLora, there with her husband and almost 1-year son. It was nice to catch up. Then from there, we went to the Lincoln museum. Now that was awesome. I am so not a history buff but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tim's mom enjoyed the day, too.Sunday night brought ice and some snow. We woke up Monday morning to ice-covered roads and cars. School was cancelled. Tim took his mom to the mall for some mother-son time while I stayed inside the warm house with the kids. After Tim and his mom came home, Tim's mom put her hair up in rollers. Jackie insisted on having rollers in her hair, too, so Ima put a few in. That did not last long as it soon became somewhat uncomfortable for Jackie. After dinner, Ima took a few pictures of us in front of our tree. That is a nearly impossible task. First, Ima does not really know how to operate a digital camera and then second, neither child would cooperate for the picture. They were looking every else but the camera. If one finally did look at the camera, the other was either crying, going after something, or just plain not looking at the camera. Nobody ever warned me that it is impossible to get good pictures when more than one kid is involved. We woke up this morning to some more snow. Tim took his mother to the airport for her flight to New Hampshire and it was quite treacherous. It took him twice as long as normal to get to the airport. Ima's flight was delayed due to the weather but once they got on the plane to Chicago for the connecting flight, it went more smoothly. In fact, she arrived in New Hampshire a little ahead of schedule. It was a very nice time with Ima and the kids seemed to really enjoy her company. Ben, being quite the momma's boy, took a day or two to get used to his Grandma but by the end of her visit, he was sitting on her lap and letting her old him. Jackie came home from school this afternoon and immediately asked where her grandma was. She already misses Grandma and wants to go to her house soon.
Ben has another tooth. This one is the top left central. I noticed it this morning.
We have a very full day tomorrow. Ben has playgroup after which Jackie has physical therapy. After Jackie's PT appointment, the kids have their well visits in the afternoon. I am anxious to see how much Ben has grown. I will also be getting all of Jackie's specialist referrals updated. After the well visits, Jackie has her dance class. Then we will come home for dinner after which we will be going to a nursing home to sing Christmas carols with a group from church. Jackie loves to sing and she is excited about going to sing. She has been singing Christmas songs for the last several days. It warms my heart to hear her sweet, innocent voice singing. And she is good, too.
Well, it is official. I've been holding off on this announcement until Tim got confirmation of a start date. Tim is starting a new job on January 5th. Unfortunately, he will be starting at a salary that is nearly half of what he is making with his current job. But it is a government job and the opportunities for advancement are better. So for the next year or two, we will be living with a very tight budget. With his retirement income and the new salary, he will be making less than he did with a single income while active duty with the Air Force. It was a very difficult decision to give up his current salary and start out as entry level but in the long run, we are confident that it will pay off with the benefits and opportunities. Government jobs are difficult to obtain but now that Tim has his foot in the door, he will be able to go after better positions in the future. It is exciting, yet nerve-wracking. Exciting because of the potential for moving up but nerve-wracking because of the near-povery salary. But we will make it. I plan on doing something part-time during Jackie's school hours to help make ends meet.

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