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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ben's First Birthday

We had quite a busy day today, Ben's birthday. I took Jackie to Wendy's for lunch before her physical therapy appointment. Jackie's physical therapist gets a kick out of Ben because Ben is all over the room climbing onto things and trying to do the same stuff his sister has to do for therapy. He just makes himself at home there. From physical therapy, we came home where Ben took a short nap before we had to take Jackie to her dance class. While we were at dance class, Tim went to pick up his mother at the airport in St. Louis. Then we came home to change Jackie into her regular clothes and then we all headed out to eat at O'Charley's. I love their rolls; they are the best. And it is so nice that kids eat free there all the time. So, Ben got his first real kid's meal all to himself. Then we came home for presents and birthday cake. Ben seemed to really enjoy his new toys. We gave him a Fisher-Price Little People circus train ride-on and Grandma Stewart gave Ben a Crayola beginning color set. Thank you Grandma Stewart and thank you cousin Christina for the cute memory book card. Oh, and thank you to my parents for the thoughtful card. It was just a small family affair here with just us and Tim's mother but it was still a fun time for Ben.