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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Jackie had a follow-up appointment today with the eye doctor at St. Louis Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, her vision in the left eye is slightly worsened again. While waiting for Jackie to be called back to the exam room, I was watching my little ones play with a couple of other children who were clearly special needs children. Having been through the Early Intervention program and still receiving services at school, Jackie is considered special needs although I personally do not consider her as so. Yes, she has needs that most "typical" children her age do not have but what I have been through with Jackie for these past few years is just a normal part of my life. However, for some reason I was very moved by the sight of so many sick and/or disabled children at the Children's hospital today. I have been at that hospital for so many appointments for Jackie and have come across many sick/disabled children there but today the sight of a mom pushing her baby in a stroller with the baby attached to an oxygen tank really moved me. Seeing that precious baby so dependent on his caregivers reminded me that I have it so easy with Jackie's disability. Even though Jackie has a mild disability, she is perfect to me and I thank God every day that she is healthy. Yes, she is a challenge at times and yes, she resists her treatments and fights the orthotics and the eye drops but she is a very able little girl who is not confined to a wheelchair or to an oxygen tank. She is also a very smart little girl who I believe will go far in life. Yes, it is possible that she may continue to require assistance at times during her school years but Jackie will succeed. She may have to work harder to attain whatever goal she sets for herself but I know she will succeed. Jackie may never recover 100% but she is a perfect little girl to me.

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