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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


First of all, I need to say "Happy Birthday" to my mother-in-law. Her birthday was last Saturday. She is visiting her sister in Texas right now and is going to be here in a couple of weeks during which we will celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday, Ima!
Last Friday on our way to playgroup, we drove past a church that Tim and I had visited when we first moved here to Illinois. Jackie noticed the church and said "Mommy, a church." I acknowledged her and then shared with her how she visited that church when she was just a tiny baby inside Mommy's belly. Jackie: "I'm bigger now." It made me chuckle but it reminded that yes, she is growing up so quickly.
This past weekend, Jackie helped me put together a shoe box filled with gifts for the Samaritan's Purse Operation Shoe Box. We dropped them off at a local church on Sunday afternoon. That was the highlight of Jackie's day. We put together a box for a little girl and another one for a little boy. I am going to make this a tradition for our children as a way to teach them a way to reach out and give to less privileged people. As Jackie and Ben get older, I am excited about the opportunities that I can use to teach Jackie how to give to and care for others who are needy.
Today at school, Jackie's class celebrated Thanksgiving with a little Thanksgiving meal. The parents were invited to watch. So Ben and I went and many other parents were also there. It was so cute. Jackie was still helping to make the mashed potatoes (from real potatoes) when I arrived. While Jackie was eating with her class, Ben decided to make friends with a couple of other babies who came with their parents. One of the babies, Simon, is just 5 months old and was sitting in his carrier on the floor. Ben was so enamored by Simon to the point of climbing right into the carrier right on top of Simon. No harm was done to Simon and it was quite funny to see Ben climb right on in. Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died then. Ben is such a climber and any opportunity he sees to climb, he goes right to it.
Jackie had gymnastics tonight. I am just so proud of her and how far she has come in the year since I signed her up for gymnastics. One of Jackie's former assistant coaches saw me tonight and she even remarked how proud she is of Jackie. The primary coach, Tracy, was bragging about Jackie to her.
Tonight was bath night for the kids. Now Jackie knows the physical difference between boys and girls. I'm not quite sure how she learned but I am guessing that it is a combination of things, including having a baby brother, daycare, or school. I am somewhat surprised that she has not started asking questions but until she does, then I am laying low. For a moment tonight, though, I thought that time had come. As the bath water was running, Jackie got disrobed while I got Ben disrobed. While Jackie and Ben stood by the tub waiting for the water to stop running, I noticed Jackie reach down and she said something about a roller. It was then that I noticed that she had pulled slightly at Ben's, umm, private. Jackie was saying his roller is on. Roller?! I gently told Jackie that she should never pull at it but I had to chuckle because it was a new name to add to an ever growing list of names that men seem to have for that organ. Sorry Ben!
As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to say that I am so thankful for my 2 beautiful children and Tim. I never thought I would have more children after Jackie but I am so thankful for the shock and surprise of Ben. He is such a blessing. Both of my children are huge blessings and I just cannot imagine life without them. Yes, it is difficult at times as any mother knows but I love my children and would give my life for them.

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