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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sneaky child

I have a sneaky child already. I did not realize that 4 year olds can already be so sneaky. Tonight after coming home from gymnastics, Jackie wanted a piece of candy and I told her she had to wait until after dinner. While dinner was baking in the oven, I went upstairs to get something and when I came back downstairs, I noticed that it was very quiet and Jackie was nowhere to be seen. That is, until I looked down the hall and noticed a light streaming from under the bathroom door. I opened the door and there was Jackie standing there looking at me with the most priceless expression. I knew right away that she had some candy in her mouth. I told her to spit it out and when she did not do so, I went after it myself and tossed into the toilet. Meanwhile, I am trying my hardest to not laugh out loud, especially after seeing her expression after being caught red-handed. Now I just needed to figure out how she got the candy which I discovered immediately. Tim had apparently taken the candy jar down from the refrigerator and left it on the counter in reach of little hands. Poor Jackie, she did not cry but she looked forlornly down at that candy at the bottom of the toilet bowl. I found additional evidence of Jackie's sneakiness tonight as I was downloading pictures from my camera. It appears that Jackie got ahold of my camera again and just snapped away. Here is a sample of her photography skills.

Now Jackie is asking for a camera for Christmas and she says she wants a purple one. I had already purchased a blue one for her so I took it back to see if there is a purple camera available to no avail. Unfortunately, all of those particular cameras are sold out so I guess I will have to find a purple camera case. If anyone sees a purple camera case, please let me know as I have not seen one, yet. I can't wait to give Jackie her camera at Christmas so she will leave mine alone.
Jackie is also quite the drama queen. Jackie does not like to wear her orthotic and last week she told her teacher that her foot was hurting and she pointed to the area around her orthotic and started to act like she was crying. So Mrs. Wafer took it off. Well, Jackie has tried to pull that trick on me without success. I have had the physical therapist and the orthotist look at it before and it fits just right and there were no red areas on her foot or ankle. Jackie is supposed to wear her eyeglasses but she complains that her eye hurts. We'll see about the eye pain as Jackie has a follow-up opthalmology appointment tomorrow to check on the progress of her strabismus. Jackie has developed quite an array of aches and pains because she has also been complaining about her finger hurting. Of course, this usually happens when we ask her to do something like pick up her toys. What has happened to my neat little girl? She used to be so neat and tidy with her toys.
Jackie does love to "read" and I certainly hope she keeps it up. Tim has been allowing Jackie to "read" in bed after bedtime and she often falls asleep while reading.

Ben is changing so quickly. He is still quite a momma's boy but he is finally starting to let a couple of others hold him for a short time. He has a second tooth coming in and his sort of toothy smile looks so cute. He really is a very smiley baby as long as somebody other than Mommy or Daddy doesn't try to hold him. And he is still insanely jealous when he sees somebody else in my lap or his daddy trying to be affectionate with me. I cannot believe that Ben will be a year old in less than a month. Oh, how I love my beautiful children. And I just love how my children love each other. Ben absolutely adores Jackie and when he has not seen her in awhile, his face lights up when he does see Jackie again. Jackie is such a great big sister to Ben.
Now for the realtor update. Ughhh, I'm done with her. I received an email with an updated list of the feedback from all the showings and it appears that we missed out on a sale at the beginning of October. The potential buyers wanted to close in December but we never received that feedback nor a phone call. I immediately called our realtor to inquire about it and she emailed the buyer's agent only to find out that the buyers already bought another house. Grrrr.
Well, I hope everybody in Florida is staying warm during your "freeze." It is getting quite cold here and I am pining for Florida right now.

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