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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Past week event

Jackie was well enough last Tuesday to go to gymnastics. I am so proud of her. She has come so far in just this last year since she started gymnastics. The little muscles in her legs are really starting to look like gymnast muscles. After the next 13 week session is done, Jackie will be moving up to the next level. Jackie still has some difficulty with some of the exercises, especially when it requires walking on tip toes, but she works so hard and does not let her disability hold her back. Jackie is unable to walk on tip toe on her left food due to the surgery she had on her heel cord a couple of years ago. The coaches are aware of Jackie's disability and although they do assist her when she has difficulty, they also expect her to work just as hard as, if not more than, the other students. Jackie will probably never be a world class gymnast but she will be world class to me. Jackie also continues to enjoy her dance class but I feel that she will be more committed to gymnastics as she gets older. She seems to really enjoy the gymnastics.
Jackie had woke up screaming again with another headache late Friday night. And she felt a little feverish so I gave her some pain reliever and laid with her awhile. By morning, she seemed perfectly fine.

Saturday afternoon, our house was scheduled for a 2-hour block for a showing. The kids and I ended up at McDonald's with my friend and one of her kids to eat lunch. Lisa brought a bag of leotards for Jackie that Lisa's daughter had outgrown. Jackie was so excited about those leotards and walked around showing them to me and Tim every chance she got. There was also a swimsuit included and Jackie nearly begged us to take her swimming. She just wanted to wear her "new" swimsuit even though she has a couple of brand new ones in her closet waiting for her to wear next Summer. This afternoon, Jackie was still excited about those leotards and swimsuit and continued to show them to us. She even told a friend a church about her "new" leotards. She is just so excited about them for some reason. We had to keep reminding her that it was too cold to go swimming and that she will have to wait until next Summer. She cannot wait to grow into those leotards and the swimsuit.
Jackie loves books and she loves to "read" them. Her routine every night is a small Bible devotional followed by a story. Then it's prayers and her favorite songs. Then her daddy allows her to "read" on her own for a little bit before lights out and sometimes she falls asleep before time for lights out as evidenced below.

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dance said...

I don't think that anyone would argue that ballet is a beautiful form of dance. But ballerinas rely on costumes ( Leotards ) that allow them to relate emotion through their body. If that is the case I would venture to say that they would not want ballet leotards that ride up or will not stretch in the right manners.