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Monday, November 10, 2008

Much needed break, yeah!

Tonight I went to my friend's daughter's basketball game at the junior high. I left the kids at home with Tim (gasp) for 3 1/2 hours. Wow, that is the first real break that I have taken from both kids at once since Ben was born. It felt very different to be without a child in my arms or around my legs but it was so nice to have that break. Before I left, I made sure that the kids were fed and that Tim knew where everybody's pajamas were. Then I snuck out and was headed on my way to Lisa's. Meredith's team won. Way to go Panthers!! I got home and walked into a war zone. The kitchen was a mess and the family room floor was littered with toys. I made my way upstairs to find Tim in our bedroom with the kids. Apparently, Ben gave Tim a difficult time that last hour but Jackie was a charm. Tim did a good job trying to juggle crying baby with a preschooler demanding that her daddy play puzzles and games. The crying must have gotten on Jackie's nerves because she told Tim "Daddy, put Ben downstairs." Funny girl. I took Ben and got him calmed down before putting him to bed. Then I made way downstairs to clean up the disaster areas. I am proud that I did not complain about the mess and was just thankful that Tim made it through the evening without a crisis (other than the crying). I very much enjoyed having an evening out without children albeit to a junior high basketball game. But I sure did miss my little ones and was happy to arrive home to see them before they went to bed.

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