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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jackie's Birthday

Jackie had a great birthday. And she had fun at Chuck E. Cheese's. This was Jackie's day and even though we cannot stand the crazy environment of that place, we tolerated it for today. Next time we go for Jackie's birthday will the day that her birthday lands on a weekday. That place is too crazy on the weekends. But Jackie had fun and that's all that counts. We came home and got the kids ready for bed then Jackie sat in my lap until she fell asleep. I loved that moment. I could not help but reflect back on that morning when she was born and she was so tiny. I never knew such love until she was placed in my arms. Tonight when I looked down at her sleeping in my arms, it almost brought tears to my eyes just thinking of the trials Jackie has already experienced in her short life so far. But she has come so far and is progressing very well. I am so proud of her. She does not let her mild disability stop her from trying to keep up with her peers, especially in her gymnastics class. Gymnastics has helped her to build up not only her physical strength on her left side but also her confidence. Tim came and put Jackie in her bed and she was still asleep but with a smile on her face. So precious.

This has been an exciting week for Jackie. She has been receiving cards and presents all week for her birthday. Then yesterday at school, her class was taken over to the middle school where the children collected candy. Then they went back to their classroom where they had a party. I surprised Jackie by picking her up from school. I usually pick her up only on Wednesdays because Jackie has physical therapy right after school. When she came home on Thursday, the first thing she said to me when she got off the bus was "you were supposed to pick me up". She was so upset with me because she really thought that I was going to pick her up from school. Friday evening, we went to the church for a little while where there were games to play and collect candy. Then we came home and put the Jackie and Ben in their costumes and I took them for a walk in the wagon around the neighborhood. I was going to take Jackie to just a handful of neighbor's homes but it was such a nice evening to walk that we ended up going around half the neighborhood. And many of the neighbors enjoyed seeing my little Bumblebee with my little Ladybug. Unfortunately, Jackie fell onto her face at one house when she tripped on the sidewalk. Another mom saw what happened and offered to hold the wagon where Ben was while I ran to Jackie. Then another mom warned the other kids to stay away from Jackie's candy and proceeded to pick it all up and put it back into Jackie's bucket. That was so sweet and it really warmed my heart that these moms cared so much for not only Jackie but her "precious" goods. Jackie really banged her forehead up and she cried hard for several minutes. When I told her that I was going to take her back home, she stopped crying and said "no, I need to get more candy." Funny girl, she has quite the sweet tooth and she was not going to let anything get in the way of that goal even though she is allowed just 1 or 2 pieces of candy per day. Somebody has to look out for those pearly whites.

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