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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping, Honesty, and Ben's First Christmas Parade

I have never gotten up at the crack of dawn to go shopping on Black Friday. In fact, I usually try to avoid going shopping on that day. But, Walmart had something advertised that I thought would make great Christmas presents for the grandparents. Since several people read this blog, I cannot tell you what it is, yet. Anyway, I saw the advertisement in yesterday's newspaper and I told Tim that I was going to Walmart to get those items as soon as the store opens. At this point, I was not really serious until Tim scoffed and said "Yeah, I don't believe it. What time should I set my alarm?" and then he laughed. Fine, I thought, I'll prove him wrong. How dare he doubt me? I AM NOT a morning person but I was going to prove that I could indeed get up at the crack of dawn to go shopping. I even set my own alarm at 4:00am. Well, I proved him wrong and I arrived at Walmart around 4:20am. I found my way to the item I was hoping to buy and waited along with several others until 5:00am. Thank God I was not there for a computer. I would not have fought that crowd for anything. I sort of tossed around the idea of getting Jackie a Leapster which they were also offering at an awesome price during those sale hours but since I could not be in two places at once, I decided to just stick with the item I originally came for. While I was waiting, I saw the wife of one of Tim's co-workers. She was there to get a Leapster for her son and she offered to grab one for me. Thankfully she was able to grab two of them out of the very few that were available. I could not believe the boorish behavior, though, of many of the customers as soon as the go ahead was given to start grabbing the sale items. I was actually a little scared that I would get trampled or even worse, have my items taken right out of my hands. But I made it out of there unscathed. After getting the Leapster from Lori and grabbing some bananas, I proceeded to check out and almost got my Leapster for free. The cashier cleared the security and scanned it but I noticed that it did not beep after she scanned it and put it in the bag. Before I paid, I asked her to check my receipt because I was certain that I had not been charged for the Leapster and sure enough, it was not charged. The cashier seemed stunned at my honesty. If I had walked out of there knowing that I was not charged for the Leapster, there is no way that I could live with my conscience although, I have to admit that for a fleeting moment the thought of a free Leapster was quite appealing. I wanted my conscience to be clear and I want to be able to watch Jackie enjoy without my guilty conscience. Maybe God will bless me for my honesty although I should say that I am blessed to even be able to get the Leapster for such a good price. Now I just need to find some cartridges on sale. After I left Walmart, I went to BabiesRUs to stock up on the diapers and wipes that were on sale. Then I headed home and went back to bed until the kids woke up. I think Tim was quite impressed that I could get up that early as a civilized person. I do not know if I will ever attempt Black Friday "crack of dawn" shopping again but it was kind of fun.
After the kids ate breakfast and I got them dressed, we headed to downtown Belleville for the Santa parade. It was a nice day for a Christmas parade and Ben and Jackie seemed to enjoy watching everything. Jackie especially enjoyed the candy and beads that were tossed to her. This was Ben's first Christmas parade and he even scored a couple of treats from the parade. An EMT driving an ambulance in the parade handed a bag of cookies out the window and said that it was for the baby. I thought it was so nice that he thought of the babies, too. And another parade participant handed Ben a cup which he enjoyed playing with.
It is hard to believe that Ben is almost a year old. Where did the time go? It passed by so quickly and Ben is changing so much. He walks a little bit but he is content to just crawl because he is so much quicker when he crawls. He is a climber, too. He has been climbing stairs for several months now and he recently mastered going down the stairs by himself. I think it has become a game now for him because he loves to just climb up the stairs and then go down and then up again over and over. He wears me out.

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