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Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday Party at School

Jackie's class celebrated her birthday with her today. I took cupcakes and cookies. Jackie's teacher, Mrs. Wafer, has this cute birthday hat that the students get to wear when it is their birthday. Then Jackie enjoyed opening a couple of small gifts from her teacher. After coming home from school, I asked Jackie what she wanted for lunch to which she promptly replied, "I don't want lunch." What?!! Something must be wrong. She just wanted to lay on the couch and watch her Toddler Tunes DVD. Okay, so I set it up for her to watch while went upstairs to put Ben down for a nap. Within a couple of minutes, Jackie was upstairs saying that she wanted to take a nap. Something is seriously wrong here because Jackie does NOT do naps. So, I laid her down with a blanket to cover her. Sure enough, something was wrong because a couple of hours later, Jackie woke up screaming that her head hurt and she also felt very feverish. So I took her into the bathroom where she vomited. Then she just collapsed onto the bathroom rug. I felt so helpless because it was so apparent that Jackie did not feel well. I gave her some pain reliever and within a couple of hours, Jackie started to act a little more like herself. Thankfully, she does not have school tomorrow so that will give her time to get over whatever she has.

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