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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back flips, dumb realtors, & not sure

I am so proud of Jackie. Last night at gymnastics, she finally accomplished a back flip on the rings. I think she surprised herself. When she got back on her feet, she looked around at everybody looking sort of perplexed. She was so cute and I was so proud. Her coach was stunned. She kept trying to do it again but she just did not quite have enough strength in that left hand to do it again.
I am not quite sure our Realtor is all there. Tim and I are ready to just give her the boot and go on to somebody else who will really work. Today I received a mailing from our Realtor and when I opened it, I realized that it was just a copy of our listing which we have several copies of already. I looked all over it for a note or something when I finally found what I believe to be her intended message. The area showing the number of hits on our virtual tour was highlighted. I could care less how many people looked at our house online. We need a buyer, not a looker.
Tonight, I did the normal bedtime routine with Jackie after a short struggle with her because she wanted to continue to play with her Dora house. After I finally got Jackie into bed, I made my way to the bathroom where I found all Jackie's Dora figures plus some lined up in a row on my bathroom rug. I am not sure why. Maybe they were lined up for baths? Or possibly to have their teeth brushed? Who knows. My kid is just weird and very creative. And funny.

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